Renovation of the Joël Le Theule Gymnasium: A Major Transformation for the Community

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The Joël Le Theule gymnasium, in Conlie (Sarthe), was built 40 years ago. The years passed and its renovation became necessary.

Upgrade to safety standards, roof to be redone with better thermal insulation, change the lighting to LED lamps, changing rooms and toilets to be renovated, installation of a new floor with its different markings and a new boiler.

The transformation represented a major project which was completed.

The feeling of a whole new room

The white color that covers the walls and the ceiling gives the impression of a new, larger room.

A feeling expressed by everyone during the inauguration, Thursday November 23, 2023.

It was Valérie Radou, regional councilor, president of the community of municipalities with responsibility for the management of the André Pioger college gymnasium, who presented the new equipment before the traditional ribbon was cut.

Precious vector of social bond and values

“This renovation is not just about infrastructure. It is also a declaration of intent, a testimony of our commitment to sport, its values ​​and its central role in your community of municipalities. In full swing of the Olympic Games and the Terre de Jeux label awarded to the 4CPS, this rehabilitation is part of a broader dynamic of promoting sport, its values ​​and its benefits for all. Indeed, this gym is not just a place where you come to burn calories. This place, open to associations, is a fantastic factor in health and well-being. It is also a valuable vector of social bonds and values,” Valérie Radou said in her speech.

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A renovation project, the total amount of which amounts to €537,553 (excluding tax), but largely financed by local authorities and the State.

State share via DETR: €126,000. Regional contribution: €136,000. Departmental contribution: €87,520. Participation of the 4CPS: €188,033.

“A necessary investment”

“An investment that has become necessary to guarantee good conditions for sports practice in modern facilities for middle school students and sports associations, such as the Conlie Basketball Club, the tennis club, the judo club and the stick twirling club. Sports associations which contribute to the vitality of the territory,” adds the elected official.

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