Liaoning Province’s “Pioneer Cup” Staff Basketball Competition Concludes: Celebrating the Power of Workers

Original title: Liaoning Province’s first “Pioneer Cup” staff basketball game concluded

Workers Daily-China Industry Network reporter Liu Xu

On December 3, Liaoning Province’s first “Pioneer Cup” employee basketball competition concluded at the Liaoning Gymnasium, the main venue of the Liaoning Basketball Basketball Association (CBA). After nine days of fierce competition, 33 teams and more than 470 athletes used 72 exciting games to interpret the power of the pioneers of Liaoning workers and show the style of Liaoning workers in the new era. Yin Zhengwei, member of the Party Leadership Group and Vice Chairman of the Liaoning Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, delivered the closing speech.

According to reports, this event is a useful attempt to actively create a series of employee cultural activity brands with the character “work” in Liaoning in accordance with the “high standards and professionalization” work requirements, enrich employees’ cultural life, meet their cultural needs, and improve their quality of life; It is a vivid practice that closely adheres to the goal of creating a “six places” in the new era, solidly promotes the construction of high-quality cultural, sports and tourism integrated development demonstration sites, and solidly promotes the construction of a strong sports, cultural and tourism province; it is a vivid practice to stimulate the team consciousness of employees and unite The majestic power of employees continues to strengthen the effective carrier of ideological and political leadership of employees. The Liaoning Provincial Federation of Trade Unions attaches great importance to the “Pioneer Cup” series of activities for employees. The competition organizing committee strives to select good venues in the province, organize a high-level team of referees, create a good environment, and use good services to successfully hold the first “Pioneer Cup” Staff basketball game.

The first “Pioneer Cup” employee basketball game cultivated the pioneering feelings of employees and consolidated the foundation of mass sports. It was widely praised by all walks of life and received positive response from the employees. Former head coach of the women’s basketball national team Liu Jizeng, China’s number one referee in the Men’s Basketball World Championships Yang Maogong, former Chinese women’s basketball main force Ma Zengyu, retired Liao basketball players Lian Ming, Wei Meng and many other basketball celebrities, with different roles as coaches, referees, athletes, etc. Identity fully participated in the competition activities, made friends and socialized with the ball, and showed his style, character and image in the game, which fully demonstrated the strong basic advantages of Liaoning as a major sports province and a province with strong sports talents.

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