Ismael Romero’s Short-Lived Stint at Real Betis Baloncesto

He was aiming for a star signing, but it has come to nothing. Ismael Romero has had a short-lived time at Real Betis Baloncesto; so much so that it is already history in the green and white entity. The Seville team has announced the termination of the contract of the Cuban-Puerto Rican player, with whom a mutual agreement has been reached driven by personal reasons.

This is not a surprise. The center had been separated from the team for a few days as he had not adapted to the team nor to what was asked of him in a competition like the LEB Oro. More clearly: he came to be a reference for the team and he leaves without having even gotten close to it. to the expectations that were had with the announcement of his signing. To be exact, it lasted 10 games.

Despite not having the Caribbean player, Betis Basket was able to achieve its second victory of the 2023-24 season a few days ago, beating Hestia Menorca in San Pablo. It was a breath of fresh air in a course that has started really badly and in which triumphs are needed to achieve that much-needed calm to work. Returning to Romero, the reality is that his absence was not missed, and the Verdiblancos are not overly strong in painting. Thus, Berzins, Domènech and Kuksiks were enough to keep the rivals at bay.

The most curious thing about the center case is that its numbers were not bad. In the games played with Betis he has averaged 12.2 points, 6.8 rebounds and 1.1 assists to reach a rating of 12.4. With such figures, the problem has come when it comes to maintaining a certain regularity in intimidation and defense. Despite his athletic ability, too many actions ended with a personal foul and in many others he was easily surpassed in the post. In short: in attack he shone, but when it came to management he tended to disappear too easily. In any case, it is undeniable that this represents a new challenge for those coached by Bruno Savignani.

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Just as it sounds. After participating in the Basketball World Cup at a good level, it was thought that Romero could be a differential in the LEB Oro, but that impression has been falling like a house of cards. Being a firm bet of the Xoy Group, which currently controls Betis Baloncesto, it was expected that he would become a leader both on and off the court. Not one thing from another. He has left Seville without pain or glory, while the entity wishes him the best for the future.

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