Dobele “Tenax” handball players win in the Baltic League match between the two Latvian teams

The Dobele team beat “ASK Zemessardze”/LSPA at home with 38:33 (18:17).

Nikita Panchenko scored eight goals for the winners, including both penalty kicks, while Kārlis Krūmiņš and Māris Veršakovs scored five goals each.

Kristiāns Ingus Jonuška scored nine goals in the visiting team, Arza Brunis Butans scored eight goals in eight shots, also realizing the only seven-meter free kick, and Mārtiņš Stepuļenoks-Stukanovs scored six goals in seven shots.

“Tenax” of Dobele is second with nine points in seven games, while “ASK Zemessardze”/LSPA is in last place without points in the eight-team competition.

Eight teams compete in the Baltic League this season, two of which are representatives of Latvia, three Lithuanian teams (Vilnius “Šviesa”, Kaunas “Granitas-Karys” and Klaipėda “Dragūnas”) and three Estonian teams (Pelvas “Serviti”, “Viljandi” and ” Mistra”).

In the main tournament, each team plays two matches against each other, the two best teams will qualify for the final four tournament, and the seventh and eighth place winners at the end of the competition. The 3rd-6th place holders of the main tournament will fight in the quarter-finals, in the sum of two matches, the winners will be determined, who will enter the final tournament.

Last season, Dobelniks were fourth, but “ASK Zemessardze”/LSPA did not reach the playoffs.

“Serviti” of Pelva became the champion, beating “Viljandi” in the final with 27:24.

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