Dietmar Hamann and the football TV experts: Criticism continues

Welcome to the expert choir “Major is stupid – football in a minor key”. This week we are rehearsing a canon of the folk song “When I think about the DFB team at night, I lose sleep”.

Jogi, you start. “German virtues?! No, that’s too cheap and populist an explanation for me. We have to find tactical solutions and playful elements.”

Didi, now comes your mission! “I almost fell out of my chair when I read that.” Great, Didi, that’s what we want to hear. Now raise your voice to the chorus about Julian Nagelsmann. “He wouldn’t have been my choice and if you look at the last two games, I have concerns.”

An excellent tone! Berti, would you like to join in? “The team leader has to be Rudi Völler – and Julian Nagelsmann has to be his assistant coach. For me that is the be-all and end-all if we want to play a successful European Championship.” Wonderful, the diversity of voices!

Daniel Theweleit, Cologne Published/Updated: , Recommendations: 14 A comment from Michael Wittershagen Published/Updated: , Recommendations: 107 A comment from Christian Kamp Published/Updated: Recommendations: 15

And what does the Adidas boss say about this as our guest singer today? “You are 85 million experts, and you all have the last name Hamann.” Yes, dear Bjørn Gulden, and we won’t let ourselves be banned from singing. On that note: see you next week!


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