1. FC Cologne: Steffen Baumgart “also shed a few tears”

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“I also shed a few tears,” says Steffen Baumgart

Status: 28.12.2023 | Reading time: 2 minutes

“This club does something to you”: Steffen Baumgart speaks in detail for the first time after leaving 1. FC Köln

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Not having made it with 1. FC Köln is a problem for Steffen Baumgart. He is disappointed in himself. In an interview he also talks about when he could be on the sidelines as a coach again

Steffen Baumgart was emotionally affected by the premature end as coach at 1. FC Köln. In an interview with “Bild”, the 51-year-old coach said that the first thing he did after the exit was to call his wife. “She cried. She knew what I was like. But she didn’t know the finality that could arise from the situation,” Baumgart said. He didn’t cry himself.

“But when I got voice messages from my coaching team later, I also shed a few tears,” he said. “This club does something to you. Anyone who believes that they can oppose this club with all their emotions – that’s not possible. My heart will always be with FC. “It hurts even more,” Baumgart admitted.

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His era at Cologne ended prematurely on December 21st. One day after the 2-0 defeat against 1. FC Union Berlin, the Bundesliga club, which was threatened with relegation, and the coach ended their collaboration. His contract would have been valid until the end of June 2025. The former Union professional took over the club in the summer of 2021.

Baumgart: “That’s the job, everything else is hypocrisy”

Baumgart admitted that he was disappointed in himself. “I would have liked to solve it and I couldn’t. That’s why, in my opinion, it was necessary to take a not so attractive step with the hope that there would be someone else who would look at the boys differently and tackle them after two and a half years,” he explained. The Cologne team overwintered second to last in the table.

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Baumgart doesn’t want to set a “limit for a break.” “First I have to let everything sink in. I think by the end of January I could see myself being ready for something new again,” he said. In the long run, he’s not the type of person who just sits at home.

When asked that the end of January would be quick, Baumgart replied: “Why? That’s the job, anything else is hypocrisy. The coaching job has nothing to do with pity. If one person leaves, there will be 20 new candidates. That’s just the way it is, it’s kind of a dirty job in this matter.”

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