Why does Ligue 1 bore us so much?

Why does Ligue 1 bore us so much?

Would the transition from 20 to 18 clubs have dampened the ardor and audacity of French clubs? We’re not going to lie, since the resumption of the championship at the beginning of August, we’ve been bored at the weekend, to the point that switching between Canal+ and Prime Video has become an ordeal as our Ligue 1 is struggling.

Between the end of PSG-Montpellier on Friday evening and the multiplex on Sunday afternoon, we witnessed more than 400 minutes of play with only two small goals. Compared to the Premier League and its rarely disappointing displays, the French championship is no match.

Broken locomotives

We would think we were back in the heart of the 2000s when the 0-0s kept coming, when Pedro Miguel Pauleta could finish top scorer with only 15 goals and when The Guignols of the info were feasting on the weakness of the championship, with Aimé Jacquet shouting the truth. This shortness of breath is regrettable as Ligue 1 has offered us the best in recent years, like last season with RC Lens who challenged PSG, Igor Tudor who awakened Marseille or even the unexpected series of invincibility of Reims .

The matches are more and more closed, risks are non-existent and the artists can only be counted on the fingers of one hand. After a shaky start, Paris Saint-Germain has resumed its march forward and will move towards a new title without suspense. AS Monaco and OGC Nice are taking advantage of the absence of the European Cup to regain their health but behind it, it is very complicated for the usual locomotives: RC Lens seduces in the Champions League but disappoints on the weekend At the end, Losc resists as best they can, OM is no longer advancing, Rennes is in distress, while Olympique Lyonnais is sinking towards Ligue 2.

The thorny question of TV rights

If we can rejoice in the promising first European results for our clubs or certain good surprises like the Stade de Reims, the state of Ligue 1 is obviously of concern. French football is also in a decisive moment with TV rights being renewed for the period 2024-2028. If some have been blinded by hoping to reach the billion euros per season, the return to reality is violent: our championship is not worth this sum and the broadcasters have understood this well.

The first call for tenders was therefore unsuccessful and it is now over-the-counter negotiations that will begin. And with moribund posters, the departure of stars like Neymar and Messi and violence still present in and around the stadiums, it is not easy to advertise Ligue 1 at the moment. The president of the Professional Football League Vincent Labrune will have to perform a miracle for the offers to meet his expectations.

It’s difficult to be optimistic in the short term about the rest of the season, and in the longer term about the state of our football. Fortunately, in this ambient slump, there is the French team, which has become a reference in selection football. A few years ago, everyone sighed as the international breaks approached. Now, we are almost relieved to know that there will be one next week.


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