Understanding the Return Process and Right of Withdrawal: A Consumer’s Guide

Return Process and Right of Withdrawal HOW TO INITIATE A RETURN IF THE PRODUCT ORDERED IS NOT AS DEMOTED OR IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE DIMENSIONS YOU REQUESTED, YOU CAN START THE RETURN PROCESS WITHOUT APPROVING THE PRODUCT. RETURNED PRODUCTS MUST BE SENT TO THE SELLER BY THE CONTRACTED CARGO COMPANIES WITH THE CAMPAIGN CODE FORMED AS A RESULT OF THE RETURN REQUEST, TO THE ADDRESS SPECIFIED BY THE SELLER WHO PROVIDED THE SHIPPING TO YOU, WITHIN 3 BUSINESS DAYS, WITHOUT PAYING THE SHIPPING FEE. PERDENETTE RELEVANT DEPARTMENT FOLLOWS THE SELLER’S RECEIPT AND APPROVAL OF THE PRODUCT. A REFUND WILL BE DELIVERED TO YOUR CARD WITHIN 1 BUSINESS DAY. SHIPPING FEE FOR RETURNS Within the scope of the right of withdrawal, the return shipping fee for product returns belongs to the suppliers. However, if the buyer backs out of the sale without receiving the product after the product has been shipped to his address, the shipping fee will be the responsibility of the buyer. RETURN CONDITIONS / RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL Conditions of the Right of Withdrawal In accordance with the Law No. 4077 on Consumer Protection and the Regulation on Distance Contracts, buyers have the right to return the products within 7 days from the date of delivery, without giving a reason and without paying “shipping fee”. Exercise of the right of withdrawal is not a special situation for PERDENETTE COMPANY; every institution must apply the regulation. However, the right of return cannot be used in personalized productions, the production process of which is created in line with the order, except for situations caused by the seller such as defects or defects. In such orders, the seller sends a product other than the product specified in the relevant advertisement, production is made to a size other than the given size, the product is defective, the product is sent second-hand. It is possible to use the unconditional right of return in cases such as excessive tone difference in fabric colors, wrinkling, distortion, tearing and deformation due to shipping (for this, a report is required to be submitted to the relevant cargo company). The relevant seller is obliged to provide support for products that can be changed (e.g.: In such cases, such as shortening the length of a curtain that is accidentally given as long, or dividing a tulle curtain into 2 pieces for a tulle curtain that is given in one piece), labor costs and shipping costs may be invoiced to the buyer, depending on the initiative of the seller.

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