The President of the Spanish Basketball Federation Visits Alcázar de San Juan to Foster Collaboration and Sports Development

The president of the Spanish Basketball Federation, Elisa Aguilar, made an official visit this morning to the City Hall of Alcázar de San Juan, a city that stands out for its deep-rooted basketball culture in Castilla-La Mancha. Mayor Rosa Melchor, accompanied by the president of the Municipal Sports Institute, Javier Ortega, welcomed Aguilar to the town hall, where they held a meeting with the presence of the president of the Castilla-La Mancha Basketball Federation, José Esteban Gálvez, to establish a collaborative link and discuss the possibility of bringing various projects from the field of basketball.

The city, headquarters of the Castilla-La Mancha Basketball Federation, has high quality facilities that make it the host of various tournaments at the provincial, regional and national level. Likewise, there is a great basketball DNA that neighbors share, proof of this is the more than 400 children and young people who make up the Grupo 76 Alkasar club, whose president, Alfonso Arráez, was present at the meeting.

During the visit, the mayor expressed her pride in the city’s strong connection with basketball, which in addition to having a large pool of players in Group 76 Alkasar, exhibits two pavilions that bear the names of great personalities in the universe. basketball: Antonio Díaz-Miguel and Vicente Paniagua.

“It is an opportunity to collaborate, do things together and for sport to continue to be a reference for all the generations that come after us,” indicated Rosa Melchor, who expressed her interest in taking advantage of and promoting the hosting of sporting events that serve to publicize Alcázar of San Juan at the national level.

A mission that was joined by José Esteban Gálvez, president of the Castilla-La Mancha Basketball Federation, highlighting the importance of the visit as a means to share a series of projects that the regional federation has underway and for which needs to receive the support of the national federation.

The president of the Spanish Basketball Federation has shared her enthusiasm for visiting Alcázar de San Juan, one of the main cities that promote basketball in Castilla-La Mancha, announcing the total commitment of the federation to establish synergies and continue making Alcázar a cornerstone of sport in the region: “I have already told the mayor and Pepeban that the Spanish Federation is going to be at their side to bring any activity we can,” Aguilar concluded.

2023-11-29 11:28:19
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