Tennis Player Laura Siegemund Reflects on WTA Finals Disaster in Cancun

Tennis Player Laura Siegemund Reflects on WTA Finals Disaster in Cancun

The organizational disaster of the WTA Finals in Cancun continues to rage as new interviews emerge. Laura Siegemund, the new doubles master, saw her greatest success of the season marred by poor management of the circuit.

Although it went somewhat unnoticed, it is worth noting that Laura Siegemund A week ago she became the first German in history to win the WTA Finals in doubles mode. She did not do it alone, next to her was the infinite Write What It Means, a veteran couple who closed the course with one of the most illustrious titles on the circuit. In an interview with Tennis Magazinethe player born in Filderstadt shares the emotions experienced during her chaotic experience in Cancun and her brief time at the BJKC Finals in Seville, where her country failed to play a relevant role.

– Champion at the WTA Finals

“I am super proud of myself and my entire team. I thank everyone who was with me in Cancun for their time, but also to all those people who have worked with us throughout the year in the background. Success is not born overnight, it is worked step by step. Vera (Zvonareva) and I started playing together again in Miami, although our goal was always to reach the WTA Finals. That we won is the icing on the cake, something huge, I never believed we would win, but we did.”

– No time for celebrations

“It’s good to share something like that with a couple, with a team. However, it is a shame that in tennis there is almost no time to enjoy, even after a victory as special as this I had to quickly catch a plane to go to Seville. I didn’t even have time to sit with my team for an hour to talk about it or just enjoy it. After the ceremony I started packing my bags, heading to the airport and everyone going their own way. “That’s tennis, unfortunately, although the WTA and the ITF are also responsible for their poor programming.”

– Connection with Zvonareva

“We are similar in the way we play, what tennis represents to us, how we approach matches and our way of thinking. From the first time we played together, something clicked. We won the US Open 2020 together in the tournament we were playing together for the first time, something that made us particularly strong, we created very good communication between us, we never clashed and we talked a lot about tactics. We are very close, even when things go really bad, we always help each other. This has made us save many games, which is why we always end up finding the solution.”

– The Cancun disaster

“Beyond having won the title and it is a great success for us, it was not a good event at all. I think it was a very disrespectful situation for us, from the organization, the training options, the quality of the center court or the playing orders. The only thing incredible was the support of the fans, that was crazy, people wanted to watch tennis, that’s why they stayed, even in the eighth rain interruption. “All this misery is based on poor planning and poor organization.”

– Why was the date of the doubles final changed?

“The WTA wanted the doubles final to be played on Sunday night around 9pm, but that would have been our third match of the day. Then I said that I would not accept it, that I had worked all year to participate in that tournament, so I did not want to risk the final that way. The problem is that the BJKC Finals were just around the corner and that caused the deadlines to collide. Suddenly, on Sunday night, the WTA officials spoke to the BJKC and from there they pressed for the final to be concluded. “It was not an easy situation for anyone.”

– Time to disconnect

“Right now I only think about vacations, I will take a week off, between 7-10 days with the family in Germany and Sardinia. Then I will prepare training for the new season. But these days there won’t be any tennis, although that doesn’t mean I don’t do sports, I like to be active. I usually play badminton or table tennis with my brother, I also like to go running, I will do whatever I want without a training plan.”

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