Sa Real Blakstad Ibiza does not fail against the undefeated Esporles and sets the top of the table on fire

Sa Real Blakstad Ibiza showed all their potential this weekend and managed to inflict the first defeat of the season on the unbeaten Esporles BC to further compress the upper zone of the Group 1 classification of the men’s Lliga Escribano.

The orange team beat Esporles at home (80-63) and won a prestigious victory to even further equal the top of the table.

José Piqueras’ men overcame the excellent offensive start of Esporles to turn the game around in the second act and end up resolving in an excellent second half, which allows them to catch up with the Esporlerins and form the leading trio with 11 points along with BM Càrniques Sunyer, who did their homework against a combative Ibiza Feeling Bàsquet Sant Antoni, whom they defeated 79-71.

For its part, Oli Ibiza-Bàsquetpuig beat Metal·lúrgiques Germans Ballester Molinar away by a score of 54-71 and thus added its second win of the course.

2023-11-21 05:01:29
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