Rimini-Ancona: a necessary change at the helm

With the disappointment still burning and the aftermath that accompanied the defeat at Dino Manuzzi thanks to Cesena, Rimini arrives at this home match against Ancona like a ship at the mercy of the sea and with its coach Raimondi unable to ferry it to calm waters. Inexorably when the ranking says last place, it often ends up paying the coach himself, together with his staff. In this case, the subsequent home defeat against Recanatese was the determining factor, after which the club and coach decided to part ways.

The leading group of Curva Est representing the spirit of all the fans, he displayed the banner at the entrance of the teams onto the pitch: “Society, no more alibis, now a change of course”, just to stick to nautical metaphors. After the failed bet with Raimondi, Troise has now arrived on the bench and with him a new, more experienced goalkeeper, but things will inevitably have to change quickly and with everyone’s commitment, to avoid Rimini losing the player after just two seasons. professional football so laboriously rediscovered; it would be football suicide, even for the new club that took office a few months ago, which has many important projects at stake, however linked to the team remaining among the professionals, which is why the wide-ranging repercussions could really be harmful for everyone.

On the visiting front, the Doric team is instead followed by over 750 fans, nothing comparable to the invasion in the second leg of the playout final in 2008-09, when the goal of the striker Mastronunzio gave them their stay in Serie B and the obvious and immoderate celebration of the at least 2,000 Ancona residents, while Rimini closed its perhaps best cycle shortly thereafter entering its first and not last corporate crisis. On this occasion, as the teams enter the pitch, red and white scarves and flags are raised from the away corner and “Gente di mare” is sung, one of their most popular anthems, kept alive for several minutes.

The Curva Est, despite the not exactly exciting period, rallies around the team, encouraging them relentlessly, with the pleasant presence and participation of the friends from Civitanova with the “Piazza Conghiglia” patch. Clapping and chants of support are favored in this confrontation with the Marche fans who, however, especially for those who are a few years older, always recall very heartfelt challenges that have been going on since the 70s/80s…

Obviously, no less important is the support coming from the visiting curve: despite the position in the standings being below expectations, the experienced Dorica curve confirms its shape and compactness; the majority of those present actively participate with clapping, chanting and waving flags. The advantage of their team in the first half helps to keep the support at good levels, worth mentioning in the second half is a banner in support of the historic Genoan twins.

The home team’s draw restores confidence in the whole environment, the match remains interesting and the two teams try in every way to achieve that victory which would relaunch them towards decidedly calmer positions in the standings. The home East team does not disdain the final result, a good scarf in the last moments to the notes of the historic anthem “Rimini Vai” seems in a certain way to establish that alliance and that feeling with the team, weakened with the latest disappointing results but necessary to be able to save ourselves by all rowing in the same direction. At the final whistle the players go under the sector to get the deserved applause. The season is long, everything is still possible.

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