Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns: Week 11 NFL Showdown

15:092 hours ago

Pittsburgh Steelers 10-13 Cleveland Browns

15:013 hours ago

Cleveland approaches the points zone with 20 seconds left.

14:563 hours ago

Pittsburg gets the ball back with a good defense and they will start at the 30 yard line.

14:513 hours ago

Two minute pause.

14:493 hours ago

Pittsburgh returns the ball after failing to advance.

14:463 hours ago

Great pass from Pickett to Pickens to cross midfield.

14:423 hours ago

The Pittsburgh defense with another great job takes out Cleveland three times.

14:363 hours ago

Pittsburgh gets 3 important points and the game is tied.

14:313 hours ago

Warren brings the Steelers closer to the red zone with another great run.

14:303 hours ago

Pittsburgh is already in midfield with a good pass from Pickett.

14:28 3 hours ago

Warren with a great carry has the first opportunity.

14:223 hours ago

Pittsburgh Steelers 7-10 Cleveland Browns

14:203 hours ago

Pittsburgh intercepts the ball and prevents Cleveland points.

14:173 hours ago

The Steelers defense does a great job and it will be third down and long for Cleveland.

14:133 hours ago

Pittsburgh cannot continue advancing and will have to return the ball.

14:073 hours ago

Pickett with an effort gets the first opportunity.

13:584 hours ago

Once again the Steelers defense grows and retires Cleveland three times.

13:484 hours ago

Pittsburgh’s defense stops Cleveland who has to return the ball.

13:464 hours ago

Cleveland approaches midfield with short passes.

13:394 hours ago

Pittsburgh touchdown, Warren with a run of more than 50 yards scores the first 7 points for the Steelers.

13:224 hours ago

Pittsburgh Steelers 0-10 Cleveland Browns

13:144 hours ago

Cleveland approaches the red zone with serial plays.

13:065 hours ago

Two minute pause

13:035 hours ago

Reversal by Cleveland to bring them closer to midfield.

12:595 hours ago

Pittsburgh has not been able to get close to the red zone and will once again return the ball.

12:475 hours ago

Pickett misses a lot and they will have to return the ball.

12:455 hours ago

Good pass from Pickett to Pickens to bring Pittsburgh closer to the first opportunity.

12:375 hours ago

Pittsburgh Steelers 0-7 Cleveland Browns

12:325 hours ago

Pittsburgh will once again have to return the ball.

12:295 hours ago

Najee with a good carry approaches midfield.

12:265 hours ago

Cleveland touchdown falls the first 7 points of the locals.

12:235 hours ago

Cleveland is challenging for a possible score.

12:185 hours ago

Cleveland approaches the red zone with a short pass.

12:145 hours ago

Pittsburgh’s offense suffers a lot and will have to return the ball.

12:095 hours ago

Cleveland will have to punt after failing to get the first opportunity.

12:075 hours ago

Cleveland moves into midfield with a pass to Copper.

12:066 hours ago

Pittsburgh’s defense stops twice but a false start gives Cleveland the first opportunity.

12:036 hours ago

The game between Pittsburgh and Cleveland begins.

11:506 hours ago

Everything is ready for the start of the game, the players are already in their positions for what will be the start of this game with the punt.

11:406 hours ago

The teams finish warming up and enter the locker room to get equipped to return to the protocol of the United States anthem and for this Week 11 NFL match to begin.

11:356 hours ago

Great entrance at the Cleveland Browns Stadium, this building has been filled for this divisional game in the North of the American conference.

11:206 hours ago

The two teams are already in the stadium and are already jumping to warm up for this match, other players coexist with the fans before starting their warm-up.

11:156 hours ago

Little by little the fans are beginning to arrive at Cleveland Brown Stadium, almost a full house is expected for this divisional match that promises to be one of the best this week 11.

11:106 hours ago

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups of the Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns live in Week 11 of the regular season in the NFL 2023, in addition to the most recent information that emerges from the Cleveland Browns Stadium. Don’t miss any details of the game with the minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.

10:557 hours ago

Tomorrow, in addition to this match between Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns, the games of Miami vs. Raiders, Jacksonville vs. Titans, Detroit vs. Chicago, Panthers vs. Dallas, Houston vs. Arizona, Green Bay vs. Chargers, Commanders vs. New York, San Francisco vs Tampa Bay, Bills vs Jets, Rams vs Seahawks, Denver vs Vikings and on Monday night Kansas City vs Eagles will be played, undoubtedly very exciting and intense games.

10:457 hours ago

Neither team has injured or suspended players, until a few hours before the game the lists of inactive players who will not be taken into account for this Week 11 match in the NFL will be announced.

10:407 hours ago

The record is clearly in favor of the Pittsburgh Steelers, since they have met on 14 occasions, leaving a mark of 4 games won for Cleveland, while the Steelers have won on 10 occasions, so tomorrow The Steelers will emerge as favorites to take their 7th win and dream of being division leaders.

10:357 hours ago

For its part, Cleveland has just surprised and defeated Baltimore 33-31 in a game that was an authentic divisional game full of points, intensity and emotions. They have a record of 6 games won and 3 games lost. They will face Pittsburgh with a very sensitive loss, we are talking about their quarterback Deshaun Watson who will miss the entire season due to an injury against the Ravens, Cleveland will have to take advantage of the fact that they will play at home and with their fans, but in front of them they will have one of the best defenses in the NFL Without a doubt, a very strong game awaits us where the team that manages to stop the attack will be the winner, in this way the two teams reach one more week in the NFL.

10:307 hours ago

The Pittsburgh Steelers came from defeating Green Bay at Acrisure Stadium with a score of 20-16, a game that was full of points and where the defenses were important to avoid many arrivals to the end zone, the Steelers with one of the best defenses achieved stop the packers to place themselves with a record of 6 games won and 3 games lost in the fight for the North American division title, they will seek to defeat Cleveland who has the loss of their quarterback Deshaun Watson to be able to remain close to Baltimore and to be able to aspire to that division title, a very physical match awaits us in one of the strongest divisions in the NFL, this is how the Pittsburgh Steelers arrive at Week 11.

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