New Contestants Enter Casa del Big Brother: Marco Maddaloni and Sara Ricci

New Contestants Enter Casa del Big Brother: Marco Maddaloni and Sara Ricci

Two new entries in the Casa del Big Brother. This evening the actress will enter Sara Ricci – who played the famous Adriana Gherardi in the soap opera “Vivere” working side by side with Beatrice Luzzi – and the judo champion Marco Maddaloni.

Big Brother, live November 20th: Marco Maddaloni and Sara Ricci new contestants



In addition to the two new entries this evening during the episode of Monday 20 November we will discover the future of Alex, who has not had an easy day after the cold shower regarding the denied penalty discount which will not allow him to participate in the Olympic qualifiers. Schwazer tonight he will communicate to his housemates and the public whether he will remain inside the House or decide to leave the game.

Two months after entering the Cinecittà loft, Massimiliano will receive a very sweet surprise: he will be able to hug his 6-year-old daughter Mia again. The entrance of Perla has changed some balances in the House: in particular, if and how the relationship between Mirko and Angelica, who was the woman closest to him, has changed.

Letizia will receive a message from her ex-girlfriend Nicole and finally, the verdict of the televoting: who among Ciro, Giuseppe, Grecia, Letizia, Paolo and Rosy will have to leave the House?

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