MR. OLYMPIA 2023 | Who has won the Mr Olympia 2023 competition?

MR.  OLYMPIA 2023 |  Who has won the Mr Olympia 2023 competition?

The American Derek Lunsford has been proclaimed champion in the new edition of Mister Olympia 2023, ahead of his main rival and favorite, the Iranian Hadi Choopan, nicknamed ‘The Persian Wolf’.

Lunsford debuted in the competition last year in the Open category in which he came in second place. With this new award, he becomes the first bodybuilder to win two divisions.

The American also managed to beat Choopan, who did not take the defeat well at all and left the stage as soon as he knew his second position. The podium was completed by Samson Dauda. Thus, Lunsford, who was second in his debut in 2022 in the Open category, becomes the first bodybuilder to win in two divisionssince he was also declared the winner in the 212 category, in 2021.

About Derek Lunsford

Lunsford grew up in Petersburg, Indiana, where from a very young age he was very active and fond of sports. In high school, Derek started playing football and was a Greco-Roman wrestler. In college he changed paths and opted to lift weights.

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A bodybuilding documentary was what inspired Lunsford, led by his idols Jay Cutler and Phil Heath. He looked for a coach and dedicated himself professionally to this sport. At the age of 22 he debuted as an amateur at the NPC Indianapolis Championship in the men’s Open welterweight. He got his first victory and in 2017 he turned professional. He did not take long to sign another victory when he already had the Pro Card in his hands, since he won the IFBB Tampa Pro that same year in the 212 division.

A Spaniard, bronze in the 212 lb category

The Spanish Ángel Calderón won bronze in the 212 lb category. Although, on this occasion, he showed on stage a much better version of his physique than in last year’s contest, the judges considered that it was not enough and he came third behind Keone Pearson and Shaun Clarida.

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