Local Basketball Teams Experience Mixed Results with Senior Men Securing Second Victory of the Season

Regular day for the local basketball teams, with more defeats, although with good feelings in sports in general, despite the result. Even so, the senior men achieved their second victory of the season, by beating Beotibar Recycling Zornotza ST in their fiefdom by a very tight 66-67.

Joseba and Patxi’s team had a bad start to the game and before the first three minutes were over they had to call the first time-out, since Zornotza was superior. The Ordiziarras managed to stop the Biscayan game and take the lead on the scoreboard. In addition, they demonstrated the emotional strength they are acquiring by facing the attacks of their rivals and turning the score around several times until achieving victory.

The junior performance girls played a key match between the second and third places, in which they could not win the victory that would have given them second place. The relaxed and hesitant start to the match weighed on the Ordiziarras, who in the end were defeated in a tight 59-60 final.

The boys of the same category from Ordizia Orkli were also unable to score the points, losing 69-48 against Alter Consulting ISB. The Azpeitiarras were superior from the beginning. With this result, the Ordiziarras continue to depend on themselves, since the three teams that occupy the first three places lost their respective matches.

In the cadet category, the Basque League girls were defeated by the leader Lointek Gernika, in a mostly even match. The change in strategy proposed with eight minutes left, when they were one point behind, did not bear the expected results and the match ended with 76-62 on the scoreboard.

The gold performance cadet boys achieved a disputed victory against the Bost Machine Tools Take. Although they had a bad start and were behind on the scoreboard for most of the match, they managed to turn it around and control the match until they won 55-44.

The silver performance boys, of José Antonio and Eneko Martinez, were also defeated against the Matxet Barber Studio Andraitz in Legazpi. As usual, they started behind on the scoreboard and, in this case, the game did not give the expected results and, although in the third quarter they got closer to one point, they could not turn the score around and lost 64 to 41.

The girls in the same category won against Ipartronic Oiarso OSKT in Majori. In the first round the result was unfavorable for the urdiñas, but on this occasion they had everything in their favor and dominated the match, which ended 54 to 32 in the match.

In children, the gold performance girls had a double date over the weekend. In the first match against Yoga Shala Askatuak, on Saturday, they achieved the victory by 62 to 63, thanks to the advantage achieved with a good start to the match. The next day, against Luberri Ibaeta IVF, they had a bad game and gave them their first victory by losing 38 to 36.

The boys with a childish silver performance were defeated in Majori against Aldapeta María IK, by 35 to 56. The two teams were undefeated, but the Urdiñas started behind on the scoreboard and could not turn the match around.

The Ordizia Lacturale women’s participation debuted in the A1 in this second phase with a victory. Although they started behind, they managed to react and beat Zasteartea by 27 to 48.

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