LeBron James’ Controversial Gesture Sparks Debate: What Does It Mean for the NBA?

The star basketball player of the Los Angeles Lakers made a sign that generated controversy in the league

LeBron James is close to turning 39, but he continues to evolve in his game and continues to expand his legend in the NBA. The Los Angeles Lakers star had another fabulous performance in the 105-104 victory against the Houston Rockets, in which he was a figure with 37 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists. In addition, the King was eighth in the historical table of players with the most steals in the competition, surpassing Clyde Drexler, with 2,208 recoveries.

Regarding the game, in which the Lakers had to battle to win at home, a particular situation occurred that the television cameras captured with a gesture by LeBron on the court that sparked some controversies in the best basketball league. of the world.

During the second quarter of the game against the Rockets, the top scorer in NBA history made a peculiar gesture that let the imagination of the viewers and those present in the stadium fly by putting his thumb and index finger in his mouth and blowing a whistle. imaginary The four-time champion then passed the invisible “cigarette” to his teammate Christian Wood, who received it with a smile.

LeBron’s gesture began after the forward missed a layup. The Akron native regretted not having been able to score a double single, looked at his left hand angrily and pretended to step on his hand, as if it were a punishment. Then came the sign that some fans interpreted as an apology for marijuana consumption.

LeBron James was again a figure in the Lakers’ victory against the Houston Rockets (Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports)

It should be noted that the NBA decriminalized the use of cannabis and removed it from its list of prohibited substances. Several competitive stars, such as Kevin Durant, have been shown smoking marijuana cigarettes and even invest their money in cannabis companies.

“The stigma attached to marijuana is not as negative as it used to be. It doesn’t affect you in any way, I just enjoy the plant. It’s as simple as that. In the NBA, everyone does it (smokes it), it’s like wine…” said the Phoenix Suns forward in a recent interview in which he was asked about his call to Adam Silver, commissioner of the NBA. NBA, to ask him to legalize the substance in his sport.

According to the new collective bargaining agreement signed by the NBA and the Players Association, no player will be sanctioned for recreational marijuana use. Previously, annual checks were carried out on basketball players and if they tested positive for THC over three studies, the offender was suspended for five games.

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