KILL VIDAL-QUADRAS | The details of an attack planned for months

KILL VIDAL-QUADRAS |  The details of an attack planned for months

11/23/2023 at 05:00 CET

The Police find evidence that the terrorists already made movements on Spanish soil last September to end the life of the politician

The attack against Alejo Vidal-Quadras was carefully planned for months by a group of people. Research the National Police It already has the first objective data on the steps taken by the terrorists and those who helped them. Last September, as CASO ABIERTO has learned, they took the first step in Spain. It was then that a young bricklayer from Mijas (Málaga) bought and put in his name the motorcycle with which the attack was going to be committed.

The investigation by the Provincial Information Brigade of Madrid and the General Information Commissariat of the National Police rules out that this 22 year old young man knew what that BMW was going to be used for. He is not part of the terrorist group, he was deceived. He was given money (“about 500 euros”) simply so that he could put the motorcycle in his name.

By AVE to Madrid

Then, they asked him to update the motorcycle insurance to avoid accidental problems or any traffic incidents. To carry out all the procedures, He traveled by train from Malaga to Madrid. He did it in the company of the man who was later going to shoot Vidal-Quadras.

At the same time, several people watched Vidal-Quadras for at least weeks near his home in Madrid, where they finally committed the attack. Among them is the detainee in Lanjarón (Granada), a Spanish convert to Islam in its Shiite branch, the one led by the ayatollahs of Iran. In fact, the Iranian government declared “terrorist” in October 2022 to Vidal-Quadras, a well-known defender of Iranian opponents.

The Muslim convert’s partner, an English woman, has also been detained. Is about a young woman from a good family who lived in Lanjarón with his mother and the current detainee. No evidence has been found linking the woman to the plan to kill Vidal-Quadras.

The Police are trying to clarify the connection between this man and the hitmana French citizen of Tunisian origin who had murdered a person in Paris and accepted the assignment to kill the Spanish politician.

Three people arrested for their alleged involvement in the attempted murder of Vidal-Quadras / | ATLAS Agency / Photo: Atlas Agency

The Muslim from Granada and the hitman traveled to Madrid and stayed in a hotel the night before the attack

The truth is that the two, the Muslim from Granada and the hitman, traveled to Madrid and They stayed in a hotel the night before the attack. On November 9, the two went to the area near the politician’s home, which they had visited before on several occasions. This time, the hitman came alone, on the motorcycle that was in the name of the bricklayer from Malaga. The convert did it in a car, according to police investigations

The hitman waited for Vidal-Quadras to arrive at his home and approached him, with his helmet on, and without saying a word shot him in the mouth. Then, he left, alone, driving the motorcycle. During his escape, his Granada accomplice accompanied him, driving the car. Both, according to the investigation, burned the motorcycle and abandoned it near Fuenlabrada (Madrid).

Samur stabilizes Vidal Quadras and takes him to the hospital / | PI Studio

The hitman is still on the run. France claims him for another murder, this yes, consummated, committed in Paris. There he also has about forty criminal records for different crimes.

a fourth man

The National Police is now trying to find out who paid for their services. From the data obtained so far it does not appear that the Muslim from Granada had the capacity or contacts to do so. Hence, a search is underway for a fourth person, directly involved in the preparation of the attack against Vidal-Quadras, a very detailed plan developed over months.

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