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A peremptory victory for Juventus Women against former Guarino’s Inter.

To talk about the slow disintegration of Inter in this first phase of the championship, we must consider the fact that this is not a team orphaned only by Chawinga, last championship’s top scorer. The backbone of Guarino’s team in the 22-23 season was essentially made up of three players: Van Der Gragt-Karchouni-Chawinga. To date, only Karchouni still wears the Inter shirt but compared to a few months ago she seems to have faded following the pace of the team. The feeling is that this group has a great need to find some key points and this can only start from the coach.

Agree, losing Chawinga is something that could not fail to have an impact on results and performances. But Inter exude an aura of an overall modest team, a situation made worse by the loss of Pedersen to injury. The Nerazzurre appear to be a team devoid of certainties in almost every department, not without the fault of coach Guarino, who finds no answers on the pitch and seems to flounder in the rotations of the players, desperately searching for the right fits. Durante’s delicate return between the posts for this match did not seem far-sighted. Rita, after a season where she had made more than one athlete flourish, seems to have lost her touch.

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Inter, what are you fighting for?? This is a rather recurring question.
Beyond the technical problems, answering this dilemma could resolve many structural questions. The problem with teams that don’t take the field for a clear objective is that they aren’t really able to make a breakthrough in moments of difficulty. Probably, preparing the matches to play them as best as possible, perhaps win them and then see how it goes, is not a sufficient strategy to stimulate the players.

Two notes positives on the Juve match: Grosso and Caruso are important for this team. Not noticing the level of their performance is essentially impossible. Another player who is always very much in the heart of the game but in a less flashy way is Martina Lenzini. Match after match, whether against Juventus or the national team, the performance bar systematically increases.
Important mention: Cristiana Girelli took over in the 74th minute and in the 79th minute she scored the penalty awarded shortly before: any comment may be superfluous.

Let’s save the Milanese. The bad moment (hoping it’s really just a moment) between Inter and Milan isn’t good for anyone. Every potential big match risks flattening, and the physical and mental gap becomes so large that the boundaries between a great and a good team are no longer understood. Paradoxically, the most interesting matches seen so far, with the exception of Roma, Juve and Fiorentina, are those of Como and Sampdoria. In this Juventus-Inter, even more than the tennis result of the Bianconere, what is striking is the evident below-average management of the pace of the Montemurro girls: the 2-0 in the first five minutes killed the match, without any room for discussion. One wonders whether, compared to last year’s exciting 3-3, it isn’t a worrying sign that the “middle tier” of the women’s Serie A has returned to being so uncompetitive.

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