Jessica Pegula Shines at WTA Finals 2023 with Unstoppable Winning Streak

Jessica Pegula Shines at WTA Finals 2023 with Unstoppable Winning Streak

Jessica Pegula has obtained a well-deserved ticket to the WTA Finals 2023, which only reaffirms her tremendous progression this year, based on spectacular tactical intelligence and a sublime ability to adapt to any playing context. She successfully combines doubles and singles, she has won more than 100 matches in 2023 and wants more.

There will come a time when the hindsight of what you are doing Jessica Pegula In this 2023, make us value its incredible successes as it deserves. The American seems oblivious to the physical and psychological rigors that the demands of tennis entail for one of the best in the world and she accumulates matches behind her without her body or her mind asking for a break. Ranked among the best in the world in both the singles and doubles categories, this 29-year-old woman, whose emergence has been late and progressive, seems ready for the assault to the top. She may not have as much charisma as others or some spectacular identity blows, but she is a rock and she intends to emerge unscathed from some WTA Finals 2023 challenging in all aspects.

She overwhelmed Cori Gauff under a gale-force wind as if she were playing in ideal conditions, making an impeccable reading of what the match required to emerge victorious. She did it and waits for the final Swiatek o Sabalenka, while combining this career with his desire to also prevail in the doubles table. “I’m playing great tennis, but I still don’t feel like the favorite. I know that I will be the player called to surprise in the final because both Iga and Aryna have better rankings and achievements than me,” says Jessica, daughter of a woman abandoned as a baby by a family from Seoul at the doors of a hospital, and taken in by a family that moved to the United States. When she was older, that mother married a billionaire, owner of the Buffalo Bills, and they had Pegula as her daughter, who makes them very proud of her with her professional successes and her simple, humble, and hard-working personality. .

Pegula has not lost a match this year after winning the first set

“It was painful for me not to win a match last year in this final event and I feel that I have come much better prepared this time. I am full of confidence and I feel that this tournament is going to give me a tremendous boost for the next campaign “says one Jessica Pegula who has managed to string together 9 consecutive victories and who has not lost a single match all season after winning the first set, having an anthological balance of 51-0 when this context occurs. His greatest debt is the Grand Slam, where he has not managed to overcome the barrier of the quarterfinals, but everything indicates that he will end up achieving it if he continues working in this way. For the moment, she wants to be the Cancun champion and, why not, aspire to a double crown in the WTA Finals 2023.

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