Jeremy Senglin’s Game-Winning Shot: A Surprise Victory for Brindisi

Jeremy Senglin’s Game-Winning Shot: A Surprise Victory for Brindisi

Third appointment with the BM column where we tell you about the moment of the weekend, an action, a play, a shot that changed the fate of this weekend.

The biggest surprise of this day was, without a doubt, the defeat of Virtus Bologna, leaders alone in the championship, in Brindisi, still with 0 victories before yesterday. A result that very few expected and which is made even more incredible if we consider that Brindisi had only won one match since the start of the season, in the FIBA ​​Europe Cup. The Apulians broke free in the best possible way, winning in front of their fans and against a battleship that, at the moment, is third in the Euroleague, therefore one of the best in Europe.

The protagonists of the victory in Brindisi were many, from the great performance of Bayehe with 25 points and 10 rebounds, but above all a great Senglin, author of 22 points and 7 assists. The latter is the protagonist of this week’s column, but let’s get to the “moment” of the match.

We are 2 minutes from the end, the score is 79-72, anything can still happen, Bologna is closing in with a 7-2 run, Brindisi can’t lose their head right now and must extend the lead. Throw-in from goal for the hosts who beats Senglin, the ball comes out of the arc to Bayehe, who passes it back to Senglin, who has just come out on the three-point line, the American receives the ball and doesn’t think much about it, he shoots, yes he finds himself almost a meter from the arc but he doesn’t care, the segmented ball fits precisely into the net of the basket, scoring three fundamental points which bring the result to 82-72. Senglin returns to defense, nonchalantly, scoring yet another triple of his game, closing it definitively, against the best team in the championship.
The match ends a few plays later, the final score is 83-75, 22 points for the American, best performance of the season, already interrupted by an injury, 75% from the arc, 6/8, the real driver of the victory with the Virtus.

Brindisi celebrates, the whole team and the whole city do it, they finally wake up after a bad period, where it seemed that everything was falling apart and that nothing could be done to avoid relegation, the season is still long and we will have to continue to play well, but in the meantime the Brindisi are enjoying this victory, starting from yesterday and Jeremy Senglin.

Jeremy Senglin returning to defense after the triple to make it 82-72
Photo by Ciamillo Castoria

Photo by Ciamillo Castoria

2023-11-28 09:33:33


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