Hellas Verona Suffers Fourth Consecutive Defeat in Championship and Fifth Overall, Losing to Monza

Hellas Verona Suffers Fourth Consecutive Defeat in Championship and Fifth Overall, Losing to Monza

Fourth defeat in a row in the championship for Hellas, fifth overall considering the Italian Cup, which also lost against Monza in the lunch match played at the Bentegodi.

In a match that was supposed to be the turning point, Verona collapsed with a passive attitude towards the Brianza team, thus entering a real crisis. Baroni’s team, albeit with some interesting flashes, thus fails to escape from its negative vortex, ending up knocked out again with a defense that suffers, a midfield that doesn’t rotate and an attack that doesn’t score, or scores too little. The match comes to an end at the end of the first half: after a post by Pablo Marì at the start and a sensational cross by Duda, the red and whites realize a lethal counterattack on the Colpani-Colombo axis: it is the attacker, in splits, who finds the way of the goal helped by an involuntary deviation from Terracciano to mock Montipò. In the second half Bonazzoli snatched the equalizer, and after a phase of strong offensive pressure from the yellow-blues, in the 73rd minute the guests doubled their lead and, in fact, delivered the fatal blow: once again with Colombo, once again on the counterattack, the center forward carves out the gap for an uncatchable curling shot. In the 84th minute Caldirola scored the hat-trick with a header from a corner, while two minutes later Folorunsho, following a cross from Ngonge, only shortened the gap to make the final result less bitter. After the two initial victories, for the Verona team there are only two points collected in the following 9 matches: numbers from a truly alarming streak, with a ranking that is starting to worry, from which it will be necessary to try to channel an immediate change of direction from the next match scheduled against Genoa.

The scoreboard

Rarely: 41′ e 73′ Colombo, 84′ Caldirola, 86′ Folorunsho

HELLAS VERONA: Montipò, Magnani, Dawidowicz (30′ Hien), Terracciano, Faraoni (75′ Tchatchoua), Folorunsho, Duda, Lazovic (66′ Ngonge), Doig (46′ Hongla), Bonazzoli (75′ Saponara), Djuric
Available: Berardi, Perilli, Amione, Cruz, Serdar, Suslov, Charlys, Coppola, Mboula
Trainer: Marco Baroni

MONZA: Di Gregorio, Caldirola, Marì, D’Ambrosio, Ciurria (from 59′ Birindelli), Gagliardini (from 85′ Akpa Akpro), Pessina, Kyriakopoulos, Colpani (from 66′ Bondo), Vignato (from 66′ Carboni V.) , Colombo (from 86′ Mota)
Available: Lamanna, Sorrentino, Gori, Donati, Machin, Carboni F., Pereira, Bettella, Maric, Carboni A.
Trainer: Raffaele Palladino

Referee: Giuseppe Collu (AIA Section of Cagliari)
Assistants: Matteo Passeri (AIA Section of Gubbio), Alessandro Costanzo (AIA Section of Orvieto)

NOTE. Warned: 26′ D’Ambrosio, 45′ Colombo, 70′ Pharaohs

The news

FIRST HALF – Off you go! The match begins.

1′. Bonazzoli immediately tries from distance: Di Gregorio stretches out and saves.

8′. Colombo turns well on Dawidowicz and kicks without thinking twice: Montipò stretches out and deflects it into a corner. Following the development of the corner, Pablo Marì hits the outside post with a close-range shot.

9′. Colombo starts again, overtaking Magnani in speed, but in the end he extends the ball too much and Montipò makes it his own with a low exit.

12′. Colombo gets rid of the marking again and tries to finish from the three-quarter area: Montipò blocks without too many problems.

21′. Bonazzoli shoots again from outside the area: trajectory largely out of measure.

22′. Problem for Djuric, lying off the pitch to have his hand treated.

24′. The attacker returns with a bandage.

25′. D’Ambrosio is booked for a tactical foul on Duda.

27′. Dawidowicz feels a pull on the adductor of his left thigh in a sprint, puts the ball out and immediately asks for a substitution.

29′. On a cross from the right by Ciurria, Gagliardini turns his head without finding the target.

30′. We see Hien again, inserted for the injured Dawidowicz.

32′. Nice backheel from Bonazzoli for Duda, who moves the ball to the right and unleashes an uncatchable curling shot that hits the bottom of the crossbar.

35′. Physical problem also for Magnani, who remained sitting on the ground. Assisted by the medical staff, the defender still seems able to continue the match.

39′. Folorunsho made a mistake, opening the way for Colpani, who after a rebound went past Montipò but was unable to coordinate himself for the winning support. Outside the net and goal kick.

41′. Monza advantage. Colombo triggers Colpani on the counterattack, who returns the ball to him in depth. The attacker goes for a split shot and Terracciano, in sliding to counter him, raises the trajectory just enough to put Montipò out of action.

45′. Colombo himself was warned for his harsh intervention on Terracciano.

48′. The first half ends: Monza ahead by one goal against Bentegodi.

SECOND HALF – Another change for Baroni: Hongla takes Doig’s place. Lazovic thus returns to his usual left lane.

46′. Immediate opportunity for Verona: after a cross from Magnani, Lazovic heads the ball for Bonazzoli, who devours a goal already scored by raising his left foot too much.

55′. Lazovic passes to Djuric, who heads well towards the far post. He doesn’t ball out by much.

57′. Prolonged maneuver by Hellas, who now pushes hard towards the Brianza area.

59′. Another cross from Lazovic, very long, which Faraoni pounces on and attempts a sort of flying overhead kick without having any luck. Immediately afterwards, here is the first substitution for Palladino: Ciurria out, Birindelli in.

63′. Terracciano frees the right from distance: Di Gregorio is attentive and is ready.

65′. Ngonge makes his entrance for Lazovic.

66′. Double substitution for the guests: Bondo and Carboni V. pick up Colpani and Vignato.

70′. Faraoni brings down substitute Carboni: yellow card inevitable.

71′. Birindelli slips into the area and shoots from a tight angle: Montipò gets a hand in and blocks it.

73′. Red and white doubling. In the heart of a strong recovery for the yellow-blues, Monza does an encore. Once again on the counterattack, Colombo does everything on his own, returning on the left from the edge of the area and putting Montipò at the far post.

75′. Last changes for Baroni: Saponara and Tchatchoua come on for Faraoni and Bonazzoli.

79′. Ngonge’s weak attempt ends in the arms of Di Gregorio.

84′. Three guests. From a corner kick, Caldirola towers over Magnani and scores the third goal with a precise header.

85′. Gagliardini and Colombo leave room for Akpa Akpro and Mota.

86′. Gol dell’Hellas. On Ngonge’s assist from the left, Djuric’s volley favors Folorunsho in the center of the area, who goes for a safe shot and finds (thanks to Pablo Marì’s deflection) the goal that shortens the distance.

90′. Ngonge tries to turn to the far post, with the trajectory not lowering enough.

95′. It ends here: Hellas Verona 1 Monza 3.


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