For Carlos Rodríguez to win a big one is going to be complicated

For Carlos Rodríguez to win a big one is going to be complicated

We saw the move that Movistar needs coming a long time ago

The critical article that Relevo dedicated to Movistar the other day, the history of the structure until today, is a portrait that I consider faithful to the reality that we have seen in the more than 40 years of this project.

A clear and sharp photo of a reality that year after year, we find ourselves face to face.

In recent days I have been able to have a couple of conversations with important people from Movistarone of them in the sports section, the other person in other tasks.

The second one openly admitted to me «Sometimes you dedicate brutal articles to us«, alluding to the history of love-hate relationship of this badly ringed notebook with the team.

Nodding, I also reminded him that, from that same department, they had told me that yes, that Joanseguidor was hard on Movistar, but always with respect and useful criticism.

Nuances that are interesting to keep in mind, because in the end, We are not excited to admit that this is a team that has become small and transparent.

Then there was the talk with the person from the sports side, a half-hour long talk that simply clarified what we see on television every year: a I want and I can’t from the blue team.

He mentioned to me, just, the type of names that leave the structure this year, from Mattias Jorgenson to Carlos Verona, passing through Patxi Vilathose are people concerned about the new new concepts that move the world.

Reading between the lines, I realize that Jorgenson has not left in the best way, although he was right in his motives, and that Patxi has not had the margin to do the things she has wanted.

Here they are handled concepts that in the World Tour do not always have to do with budget and money that you have.

Aspects that have changed in cycling need a different approach and what we have said many times happens here, The team operates today as it did ten, twenty and thirty years ago.with the need to change things and learn that the environment is radically different.

With every cyclist of a certain age that you talk to, the same reasoning arises, things have completely changedmuch of what supported cycling two decades ago is secondary today, new axioms emerging, seeing cyclists who arrive with the lesson learned, a different planning and a brutally competitive context all year round, not just in the grand tours.

Already in the good years, not so long ago, when the team was the best in the world, the seams were visible, with the departure of important cyclistssince Rui Costa ten years ago the bleeding of talent has been a constant.

Of course, the great performance of Valverde and Nairo covered everything up until they had no more rope.

Since then cyclists like Enric Mas, Alex Aranburu or Iván García Cortina that right now they are not at the level that one day we thought they could have.

Perhaps, as Cortina himself once told us, a lot of hype was generated with his figure, but you look at them now and you see them in their previous teams and you don’t see any evolution in any of the three.

And that is as simple as seeing the record.

With the departure of more high-level people, with the return of Nairo and almost the same efforts as these years, Movistar faces the season again to see them come.

I hope that the change that we are all clamoring for comes, now that they can only go for the better, promote valid people and read what is happening around them.

If not, we will continue on Groundhog Day.

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