Ezkurdia and Tolosa sign an impeccable start to Couples

Ezkurdia and Tolosa sign an impeccable start to Couples

Couples’ first surprise came this Friday night in the opening match. There is no small rival in this competition, and even less in the starts where the combinations have yet to be consolidated. Ezkurdia and Tolosa defeated Peio Etxeberria and Zabaleta in an impeccable match that will give them an important boost of morale for the next matches. The Colorados shined and extinguished their rivals.

The Arbizu striker claimed the role of protagonist and played it perfectly. He moved the ball judiciously, gave it speed and opened angles from the start. His defense uncovered any doubts about his condition. Tolosa is at a good level. It may still not be the same as last year, but he more than fulfilled his promise against the most powerful defender in the competition. He had studied him. He avoided getting into a fight with Etxarren’s ball and lowered the ball on the second or third shot to try to keep him moving and uncomfortable. He got the ball against the wall well, and Zabaleta could not be his usual self except at specific moments.

He did not dominate because they did not let him and he did not manage to compact with his teammate. Peio Etxeberria had just lost the Cuatro y Medio final and needs time to adapt to the new modality. He wanted to fight against the happy squads but his haste got the better of him. He failed to open any gaps and in almost all the scuffles with Ezkurdia he came out the loser.

This Saturday in Aizarnazabal

The blues started as favorites, but it soon became clear that the reds had a lot to say. With a much more solid game they managed to take a three-goal advantage (5-2) after Zenotz’s team began to make things easier.

However, Ezkurdia and Tolosa had a small slump and allowed their rivals to even surpass them in the light (5-7), but they saved it in time and the 12-1 run they achieved afterwards confirmed their proposal and was the push necessary to secure his victory.

The second match of the first day will take place at the Aizarnazabal fronton. Jaka and Mariezkurrena II, one of the strongest couples in Baiko, measure the resistance capacity of Larrazabal, Laso’s substitute, and Aranguren. They start as clear favorites against a combination that is an unknown.

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