Exclude Hertl et al. out of the league! The NHL has not seen such misery in over 50 years

Exclude Hertl et al.  out of the league!  The NHL has not seen such misery in over 50 years

They are merciless debacles, rivals crushing San Jose in truly historic fashion. Catch two tens in a row? The Boston Bruins last experienced that – until this weekend – in the year 1965/66, and the Bears from the World War II period have the same experience. The history of the NHL remembers only one other case, the long-defunct Quebec Bulldogs had to endure two double-digit defeats at the end of the 20s of the last century. The given facts perfectly illustrate how unprecedented the misery of the Californian club is.

After 11 matches, Tomáš Hertl and co. score difference – 43.

Yes, they conceded 43 goals more than they conceded. That sounds unbelievable. After all, even the Czech scoundrel is no longer smiling and has started criticizing the staff. He hoped it would get others talking. It did not happen.

And so San Jose collects difficult NHL records.

And he listens to scathing remarks. Hockey fans across the league excel at irony. “Ban Shark Hunting in California,” reads one of the messages. “Someone should tell the Sharks that Connor Bedard was played last year,” glosses another draft “tanker.”

It was already clear before the season that San Jose would not be competitive and – despite the logo on the jerseys – would languish at the bottom of the Western Conference. But the tragic entry into the regular season exceeded all expectations.

The Sharks were this toothless the last time they entered the famous competition. Even in the 1992/93 year, their second in history, they scored 20 goals in two matches, after a 3:7 defeat by Minnesota (North Stars) they fell 1:13 against the Calgary Flames.

By the way, golden captain Robert Reichel shone the most that evening, scoring three times and registering three assists.

San Jose finished the regular season with just 11 wins. Now, after 11 duels, they are still waiting for the opening one. “We’re a fragile bunch,” coach David Quinn said after the latest debacle. Yes, Sharks easily fall apart what to play plan, break down mentally and become easy prey.

There are also voices calling for the expulsion of Hertl et al. from the prestigious league. Some people find it totally undignified what San Jose is showing.

Sure, there are a lot of losses and few goals scored, but it is worth remembering that the NHL has shown many times that the balance of power in it spills over.

After all, in that 1992/93 season, the worst in the club’s history, the Sharks won three times as many games the very next season.

Now they are undergoing a painful revival, everything seems like complete futility and a hopeless situation, but in a year or two it could be completely different. That is, if GM Mike Grier doesn’t (continue) to swim in his position…

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