Elected Officials Urge Action Against Far-Right Groups in Lyon

Elected Officials Urge Action Against Far-Right Groups in Lyon

The group of individuals chanted “The street, France, belongs to us” in the streets of Old Lyon. (Screenshot

After the attack on an association premises by far-right activists, seven elected officials from Rhône urge Gérald Darmanin to act to close their gathering places.

While the far right in Lyon made itself noticed again on Saturday evening by attacking the local association “La Maison des passages” in the 5th arrondissement of Lyon where a conference on Palestine was being held, six left-wing elected officials and a deputy from the majority of the Rhône urge Gérald Darmanin to act against the small violent groups in the capital of Gaul.

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“Mr. Minister, where are your investigations?”

After the incidents that occurred in the OL park during the postponed match at the Vélodrome stadium, Thomas Rudigoz, Renaissance deputy for the Rhône, wrote a letter to Gerald Darmanin pointing the finger at the small group “Mezza Lyon” some members of which had been seen making Nazi salutes and mimicking the monkey towards the Marseille supporters. In a press release released this Tuesday, the MP also recalls having requested the dissolution of the Remparts, as well as its associative bar located on Montée du Change, “La Traboule” from November 2022, then February 2023.

Far-right activist in custody after Saturday attack
Claimed on far-right channels by the informal group “Guignol Squad”, the attack on Saturday evening left seven injured according to the Lyon prosecutor’s office, which also specified that one person was still in the hospital on Monday, after receiving a 45-day ITT. The only individual arrested was equipped with a baseball bat and brass knuckles. He was placed in pre-trial detention.

A request supported by six elected EELV and LFI du Rhône who wrote to the Minister of the Interior, who denounce “the impunity of small far-right groups“. Like Thomas Rudigoz, Marie-Charlotte Garin, Gabriel Amard, Idir Boumertit, Thomas Dossus, Hubert Julien-Laferrière and Raymonde Poncet-Monge question the progress of the investigations which could lead to a dissolution: “[Vous] affirmed in March 2023 to have ‘constant attention’ and ‘careful examination of their actions’ […] Minister, where are your investigations?”

The six elected officials also demand the closure of the Agogée, a boxing club in which activists train. “We ask you once again, Minister, for your action plan as well as the information you have on these small far-right groups.“, conclude the elected officials.

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