Cvlt (Noyz Narcos & Salmo), scattered considerations

Cvlt (Noyz Narcos & Salmo), scattered considerations

Salmo and Noyz Narcos is a joint album with an original concept and dark tones, dotted with tributes and quotes.

The idea behind CVLT is as simple as it is effective and immediate to understand: Salmo and Noyz’s album Narcos is a journey into the world of cinema, littered with cinematographic quotes which, however, rarely appear to be an end in themselves, but on the contrary contribute to bringing the listener into the mood of the piece. Thus, for example, in the first single “Incubi” the refrain inspired by the Nightmare series immediately takes you into the gloomy scenarios outlined by the two artists, while in the title track “Cvlt” the references to films such as From Dusk to Dawn, The Hateful Eight and For a Fistful of Dollars go perfectly with the saloon atmosphere created by Salmo himself and Sine, producer of most of the tracks together with Luciennn. The icing on the cake are the excerpts from Grindhouse – Death Proof and The Blues Brothers which serve as the introduction to “Grindhouse” and “Nightcrawlers”. Having to define it with a cinematographic genre, Cvlt is definitely a horrornow a slasher, now a ghost movie, with a splash of western here and thereprobably designed to lighten an album that might otherwise have been a little too dark;

Hand in hand with the main leitmotif just described, there are an impressive number of quotes and tributes from musical production of the two artists and of the rap scene (and not only) in general. Emblematic of this aspect of the album is the introductory track, “Anthem”, which will have made longtime fans jump on their seats, a song in which at each attack Salmo and Noyz explicitly refer to one of the other’s songs, without however ever bordering on parody or forcing. There are also mentions of the American scene, both explicit and in the bases (that of “Brujeria” is explicitly inspired by Who Dat Boy by Tyler, The Creator and ASAP Rocky, and the name of the song itself takes up that of a grind-death metal group Mexican), to emerging artists on the Italian scene such as Rhove and Kid Yugi, up to Franco Califano and even Beethoven. Also noteworthy is a reference to the famous dissing between Salmo and Luché in “Croci € Cristi”, the basis of which is a sampling of Vivo by the rapper Nerone, a song also produced by Sine;

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From a technical point of view, Noyz Narcosperfectly at ease in riding both the dark atmospheres and the more electronic bases of the album, “forces” Salmo to get serious to keep up with him. Maurizio for once leaves in the drawer his more pop and light-hearted streak that has emerged in recent years to resurrect the Psalm of the past, raw in tone, sharp in rhymes, overwhelming in flow. The writing and the ability to ride every beat of the two artists make all the difference in the world, preventing Cvlt from becoming a simple jumble of quotes, a plastic record to listen to and forget within a month: at the center of Noyz and Salmo’s project is rap, pure, with few deviations or variations on the theme. The bases, peculiar but never invasive, appear designed to enhance the bars of the two gurus of the Italian scene, and even the catchiest choruses never risk “eating” the tracks by hiding the verses, while listening to the tracks you will never find yourself wait passively for the chorus, in fact the exact opposite is more likely to happen;

Contrary to Flop and Virus, the latest albums by Noyz and Salmo respectively, the two artists have chosen to Don’t overwhelm CVLT with collaborations, favoring artists who could best integrate with the spirit of the album rather than the search for easy hype. An operation that was successful with perfection Marracashwhich in “Respira” (on the iconic beat of the Prodigy’s Breathe of the same name) pours out all the refinement of its bars, only sporadically interspersed with some rhymes that are not very suited to the mood of the album, and above all with Kid Yugi, already naturally inclined to high-level citationism, perfect cog at the end of “Cvlt”, one of the most successful songs of the entire project. The collaboration with is less inspired Frah Quintale and Coez in “My Love Song 2”, a track that is perhaps partly overwhelmed by the comparison with the original, but not very convincing even when considered as a whole: the bars of Salmo and Noyz appear not very incisive, while the chorus of the two guests fails to fully integrate with the rest of the piece;

Cvlt is certainly a successful album, with many peaks, but which travels at two speeds: very strong in the first halfup to “Croci € Cristi”, definitely more lame from “My Love Song 2” onwards, with “Grindhouse” and “Nightcrawlers” as partial exceptions. It almost seems like the Noyz-Salmo pairing need to come down hardin the lyrics, in the beats and in the flow, to be effective and credible, while the slower and more melodic pieces have more difficulty being understood by the listener, either due to the themes not being exactly profound, or because neither of the two artists manages to reach the heights previously reached with songs of this nature, like the first My Love Song or Il Cielo Nella Stanza. In any case, we are talking about an album that leaves behind at least 5-6 potential singles, as well as another handful of songs that will reach the general public only after many listens; the union between two apparently distant rappers, at least as regards their recent artistic productions, gives life to a project that is extremely interesting in its ideas and creation. After Persona, Marracash’s album which forced many exponents of the scene to take a more introspective approach, CVLT tries to venture into new terrainthat of the highly thematic albums, with pieces even more closely linked to each other, revolving around an explicit thread, the cinematographic one, and to a lesser extent an implicit one, relating to one’s own and others’ artistic production. Time will tell if Salmo and Noyz’s album will be capable of inaugurating a new trend in the Italian rap scene, or if it will represent a simple and very pleasant experiment.

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