Counterfeit Banknotes for Traitors! A hateful atmosphere awaits the PSG star in Milan

Counterfeit Banknotes for Traitors!  A hateful atmosphere awaits the PSG star in Milan

Why such antipathy? To understand the attitude of the Rossoneri fans, you have to go back to the end of the 2020/21 season. At the time, Donnarumma was paying for the icon of AC Milan, he made his debut for the famous club at the age of sixteen, and some fans probably imagined that, following the example of the legendary Paolo Maldini, he would wear black and red for his entire career.

But the Italian hotshot had other plans. In Milan, he refused to extend his contract, and although he was paying for one of the hottest goalkeeping goods on the market at the time – not to mention that he had six seasons in the senior ranks at the age of twenty-one – he left the San Siro and took the direction of Paris Saint-Germain. Hook? Since he was at the end of the contract, without any payment. However, he had better negotiating conditions in terms of the fee, as PSG saved a considerable amount on the (non-existent) transfer fee.

AC Milan fans haven’t forgiven Donnarumma yet. “How could he do that? After all, we gave him a taste of big football when he was sixteen, without us he wouldn’t have gotten this far,” they asked at the time. “It was not an easy decision at all. Everyone blames me for him, but the last time the club called me was to tell me they had signed a new goalkeeper,” Donnarumma defended.

However, this statement did not help itself in the eyes of the Rossoneri supporters. They treated him with whistles and curses shortly after the transfer to France on his first return to the San Siro, even though he was then defending the shrine of the Italian national team. Last year, Donnarumma got into a fight with one of the fans, also after the national team match. The saga continued two weeks ago when PSG hosted AC Milan in the Champions League. At that time, offensive chants directed at the 24-year-old goalkeeper and whistles were heard from the visitors’ sector.

Donnarumma’s welcome on his next comeback at the San Siro should then be even more unpleasant. According to available information, fans have prepared fake banknotes that they intend to throw onto the pitch to show what they think the Italian international is all about. At the same time, they chose the same strategy for the same player in 2017, when he delayed extending his contract. There should also be chants and whistles distributed among the other spectators.

Which is not an unusual strategy in Italy, by the way. In the Serie A duel between Inter Milan and AS Rome in October, the ultras Nerazzuri made no secret of their hatred towards the striker Romelu Lukaku, whistles were allegedly distributed among the fans at that time around forty thousand.

Far more important than the fight with Donnarumma for AC Milan should be what is happening on the pitch. They are last in Group F of the Champions League with just two points from three games, while PSG, on the other hand, has made a strong push for promotion thanks to two wins and six points.

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