Bellingham’s gift to football and Nico Paz’s freakout: “I didn’t believe it”

Bellingham’s gift to football and Nico Paz’s freakout: “I didn’t believe it”

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Ancelotti once again praises Jude, but avoids comparing him with Zidane, and the youth player details what his debut and goal in the Champions League with Madrid was like.

Nico Paz, celebrating his goal against Naples reuters


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November 29, 2023 will not be another date in the life of Nico Paz. The white youth squad debuted with the first team and did so in a big way. Winning goal and massive celebration with his teammates. Unforgettable day for what many consider the best footballer in Factory: «I am very happy, I have fulfilled a dream. When the ball went in I couldn’t believe it. I dared, I was in automatic mode and I didn’t even know what I was doing. I hit him… and freaking out, really. My colleagues are almost happier than me and I thank them for their support. “This year the team is playing like angels,” said the Argentine as soon as the game ended.

Nico Paz, who confessed to having a special relationship with Rudiger, was also congratulated by Ancelotti and all his Castilla teammates who were on the bench today. Goal that is worth a first place for the round of 16, but also to vindicate Factory. She took the opportunity to send a message to critics with La Fábrica: «We have one of the best quarries in the world, if not the best. We are here for this, to help. Let it serve as a message for the rest of the youth players. This is possible”.

Ancelotti, wise and intelligent, praised the figure of the midfielder, but with restraint: «He is an enormous talent, a young man who has been working with us for a long time and has scored an important goal. It’s a special night for him. He is a player for the future of the Madrid. He has all the qualities that a player in this squad should have. He has contributed to the team in a time of difficulty and this is what we need from him and the rest.

Also from Bellingham, who remembers Zidane more every day, and not just because he wore his boots against Naples: «It is difficult to compare two different generations. What I see as different is the arrival inside the area, which Zidane did not have, and an individual quality from Zidane that Bellingham does not have. “Jude is a gift for football.”

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