Bavarian Striker Thomas Müller Calls for Referees to Have More Freedom in Penalty Decisions

Bavarian Striker Thomas Müller Calls for Referees to Have More Freedom in Penalty Decisions

The players of the German champion were surprised and upset, coach Thomas Tuchel checked the whole situation on a tablet immediately after the end of the match. However, there were no substantive statements, on the contrary, one of Bayern’s most experienced and respected fighters, Thomas Müller, spoke with insight and a clear opinion, in which he appealed for the referees to have more freedom in their verdicts.

Ankersen had his hand away from his body in this situation, but in proportion to his movement, and Frans Krätzig hit him from close range. “I wouldn’t have whistled the penalty either,” declared home Müller for DAZN. “I’m not a friend of the rules,” added the long-time support of the Bavarians.

In his next analysis, he compared this moment with a day-old situation that upset England in particular. That is, with the penalty awarded against Newcastle in a duel with Paris Saint-Germain. Tino Livramento first touched the ball with his body before putting the ball into his hand. Nevertheless, PSG played the penalty. “It’s funny that on Tuesday (against Newcastle) the penalty was not whistled and ended up being awarded, and here it was whistled and ended up being disallowed. That doesn’t match,” continued Müller.

Foto: Angelika Warmuth, Reuters

Bayern striker Thomas Müller after the match with FC Copenhagen.

He wants more freedom for referees. “We want the rules to be objectified, but I wish it wasn’t like that. It doesn’t work when judging hand play. Let the referees decide as in the case of fouls. Let them decide subjectively, of course based on several criteria, just as it is in the case of fouls. But give the referees power, not some objectification,” the 34-year-old forward continued.

He also added another explanation. “Otherwise what we see now will come. I think that is a state that no one is happy about. I don’t know if the FIFA guys and gals are sitting in a room going, ‘The hand rule is really cool now.’ I don’t think so,” stated Müller.

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