Alba Berlin Shocked by Syntainics MBC in Mega Loss

Mega surprise in the easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga!

Alba Berlin sensationally loses at home against Syntainics MBC. At 75:108, the capital club is not in the lead once in the game!

What a nightmare week for Alba: Wednesday and Friday wasted in the EuroLeague against Lyon-Villeurbanne (68:73) and Partizan Belgrade (74:89). Now the very first home defeat against MBC in the 19th duel in Berlin.

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Three Alba stars are missing – that hurts: In addition to Matt Thomas (foot injury) and Sterling Brown (slight ligament injury in the right knee), world champion Johannes Thiemann is not in the squad. Much to the fans’ surprise, the captain sits on the sidelines in street clothes (jeans and a hoodie). What’s behind it: After the mega-stress of the World Cup and the tough program with the league and Europe, “JT” should get breaks every now and then.

The MBC is ahead by 20 (!) points at the break. The Berliners with only one (!) successful three out of ten attempts.

Syntainics MBC outclasses Alba Berlin

Alba’s assistant coach Thomas Päch was tough at Dyn’s break: “Especially with our absences and the very young team, we are paying lessons here. We have to get into this game defensively. The MBC is doing very well today. We have to pack a lot of punch!”

This strange moment in the first half astonishes the audience: Dyn commentator Arne Malsch suddenly speaks live on TV on Dyn and BILD TV about MBC coach Predrag Krunić’s jacket!

HALLEluja from November 19th, 2023 On the trail of Nowitzki, Grünloh in a live interview

Source: BILD November 19, 2023

Malsch: “By the way, it’ll be interesting if we see it again later. The inner lining of Predrag Krunić’s jacket. I think we can make a story out of it.”

Game expert and ex-professional Patrick Femerling: “I haven’t seen it yet.”

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Malsch: “I mean, there are deer or dogs in the lining. We’ll have to ask him that.”

Alba is also completely dominated by MBC in the third quarter. And commentator Malsch surprises again! Speaking about guest star John Bryant, he says: “I love him! I’ll just say it now. As a big man! It’s so nice to see him still in the BBL at his age. There’s not as much athleticism anymore, but he still knows where to go.”

Three minutes and 43 seconds before the end, the MBC makes it 100 and scores 100:69! What a slap for Alba!

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