1. Gas Leak at Sonoma County Campground Sends 2 Children to Hospital 2. Oakland Welcomes New Professional Baseball Team 3. California Allocates $299 Million to Clean Up Homeless Encampments

[Voice of Hope November 29, 2023]

1. Gas leak at Sonoma County campground, 2 children hospitalized

On Tuesday (November 28), a gas leak occurred at a Catholic Charities camp in Sonoma County, sending two children to the hospital for treatment.

The Monte Rio Fire Protection District in Northern California confirmed that the fire department received a report around 8:40 a.m. on Tuesday, and firefighters from the Monte Rio Fire Protection District and Occidental Fire rushed to the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) in Occidental. ) a house in the camp.

One adult and 11 children were found in the house, with several children suffering from headaches, dizziness and nausea. Two of the children were taken to hospital for treatment. Ten other people were examined at the scene.

Firefighters reported a possible sealed gas leak and the interior was evacuated. All these children came from the same school and were around 12 years old. Authorities said the cause of the incident had been ruled out, but the camp was still under investigation.

2. A new professional baseball team is coming to Oakland

While the Oakland A’s are off to Las Vegas, the city of Oakland will welcome a new professional baseball team. On Tuesday (November 28), the Oakland Ballers announced that the team will be established in the spring of 2024. Community leaders and a group of Oakland Athletics fans are joining forces to “take back Oakland’s baseball heritage.”

Oakland Balls co-founder Paul Freedman said he firmly believes the true value of a sports team lies in its relationship with the community it serves. Baseball has deep roots in America and a rich heritage in the East Bay. “We intend to build a team through the Oakland B’s that respects this heritage and our community, will bring joy back to the game and make Oaklanders proud,” he said.

The Oakland Balls will join the Pioneer Baseball League (PBL), becoming the league’s first franchise on the West Coast.

The Pioneer Baseball League has 12 teams and the season runs from May to mid-September with a total of 96 games.

3. California will spend more money cleaning up homeless encampments

California is providing an additional $299 million in grants to local governments to clear homeless encampments and provide relocation housing options for those affected. Cities, counties and continuing care facilities will be eligible to apply for the grant through the California Interagency Council on Homelessness through next June. About half of the “encampment solution” funds announced by California Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday (November 27) will be used to clean up roads and highways owned and maintained by Caltrans.

Newsom said the encampments were cleared due to safety concerns and that the encampments were not safe for the people living inside or surrounding community members. California has provided $414 million to locals to move people into housing and clean up these persistent and dangerous encampments. 5,679 camps have been dismantled since 2021.

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