What results for the Beach Pro Tour?

The Beach Pro Tour delivered its verdict on Sunday. Among the women, the Brazilian pair Ana Patricia-Duda won against the Americans Kristen Nuss and Taryn Klothaux (2-1). Among the men, the Czechs Ondrej Perusic and David Schweiner beat the Germans Nils Ehlers and Clemens Wickler (2-1).

The new winners of the Beach Pro Tour in Paris are known. For the second edition, the Brazilian duo composed of Ana Patricia and Duda won two sets to one against the Americans Kristen Nuss and Taryn Klothaux. Among the men, it was the Czech pair Ondrej Perusic-David Schweiner who won, victorious in the final over the German duo Nils Ehlers-Clemens Wickler.

This second edition of the Beach Pro Tour was the second in Paris. This notably passed a milestone by welcoming 20,000 spectators spread over four days. A good omen for perpetuating this event. “We continue to progress this event so that it is anchored in the calendar of international events taking place in France and obviously in the dynamics of the Games”explained David Donnelly, director of RnK, the tournament organizing company.

A sawtooth stage for the French pairs

The three French pairs entered in the event did not necessarily experience the same success. If the Lyneel-Bassereau and Placette-Richard duos were eliminated in the group stages, the Krou-Gauthier-Rat pair managed to surpass the groups. The French number 1 pair, who had not played together for two months, fell in the round of 16 against Ehlens and Wickler.

Although Youssef Krou and Arnaud Gauthier-Rat fell by the wayside, they obtained a number of points (600) which should weigh for qualification for the Paris Games in the ranking, reserved for the 17 best pairs in the Olympic ranking, on the basis of the 12 best results since January 2023. “We have about 600 points on average (7200 points in total) to qualify, explained Christophe Victor, manager of French beach volleyball, to The team SATURDAY. The sooner you fill out your twelve boxes, the sooner you can get ready. » If France qualifies a duo in the ranking, it will be able to choose a second, thanks to its host country quota.


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