Welshman Dan Biggar is getting back to health

If things continue like this, Dan Biggar will soon look more like a mummy than a rugby player. Since the start of the World Cup, the Welsh fly-half with 111 caps has worn a bandage around his right knee. This Monday noon, during the second training session open to the public in four days near Versailles, Biggar had strengthened the bandages on his right leg and added strapping on his right shoulder.

He put his crampons on again

This Monday, on the other hand, the Welsh number 10 had his crampons on and was not idle (only Gareth Davies was spared). After a warm-up with the backs, Biggar isolated himself on a wing of the field with one of the physical trainers, John Ashby. Very smiling and not hesitating to exchange a few words in French with the public, he continued intermittent races (10 m then 40 m), regularly stressing his knee during well-paced U-turns. ” Would you like to help me ? », he said, out of breath and laughing, to a lady who was filming him.

Once the physical work had been digested and with no apparent sign of pain, either in the leg or in the upper body, the Toulon player would return to his place on the bench for a few minutes to watch the small opposition between the future starters against the Georgia and the rest of the group. Then, when it was time for the end of lessons, he grabbed a ball to do a series of kick passes with friend Halfpenny and then try his hand at the poles with a very interesting success rate at 30, 40 then 50 m.

A few minutes later, it was time to remove all these wraps after a small signing session to the public who came in much smaller numbers than four days earlier. “Bigg’s (his nickname) is just in a classic recovery protocol following his blow against Australia,” explained the Welsh attack coach, Alex King, during a press briefing after the day’s session. He repeats the steps one after the other. It’s important that it is put back for the quarter-finals. »


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