Weixdorf Fighters Shine at U15 District Championships, Qualify for Saxony Championships

At the U15 district championships today, 7 Weixdorfers fought for a medal and thus for a ticket to the Saxony championships in 3 weeks in Döbeln. When it came to the boys, we were very thin at the start of the holidays. Only Finn and Alex (both actually still U13) took the opportunity to get a taste of the older age group. We were even stronger with the girls: Emilia, Johanna, Alisa, Emma and Nina followed the boys to the Schmöllner’s cozy hall around lunchtime.

Finn was in the -34kg unfortunately without a fight. But Finn was also allowed to fight two friendly fights against the two starters in the -37kg. In his first fight against the green belt from TSV Lichtenberg, Mach could clearly see the difference between U13 and U15. He gained a lot of experience from the fight. In the second fight against the yellow belt from JSV Rammenau, Finn showed a strong grip fight. Finn took his opponent to the ground and worked out a sensational armbar. Great! 1st place for Finn!

Alex had 8 participants in his weight class in the -55kg. In the first fight against Kleinert from BC Radeberg, Alex showed a very good ground fight. Won the fight with a counter to Waza-ari. Unfortunately, Alex had to admit defeat in the last two fights. Here too you could see how big the difference is between last year’s U13 and last year’s U15. Alex was also able to take a lot from the two fights. 5th place for Alex!

Unfortunately Emilia had no fight in the -36kg. Nevertheless, she was able to gain experience in a friendly match against her opponent Linder -40kg from TSV Lichtenberg. Emilia didn’t let her opponent grab her and fended off Lindner’s grip. But then Lindner managed to bring Emilia to the ground and won the fight with a hold. 1st place for Emilia!

Johanna had -48 kg With 9 participants, the fullest weight class for girls and no bye. In her first two fights she won after committed fights in the pin. In the semifinals and in the fight for third place, however, she had to pay tribute to her opponents’ strong hip techniques. As the youngest age group and having just switched to the new weight class, it wasn’t a bad performance, even if it narrowly missed qualifying for the LEM.

Alisa war -52kg with 7 participants in the pool of 4 and had to compete in the first fight against the Central German champion from last year. Alisa gave her a very strong fight and was even able to take the lead with Waza-Ari, but then got stuck. In the second fight, Alisa didn’t let anything go wrong and won with O-soto-otoshi and subsequent holds. Now it was against Klatte from Bautz, who was at least one head taller, for a place in the semi-finals. Alisa couldn’t find a recipe for the neck hold and unfortunately she was eliminated. Alisa had a much harder time in the pool today. In the end, both of their opponents were in the final again.

Emma had -57kg only 2 opponents. In the first fight, Emma didn’t bring any scores to the mat despite her superiority and it went all the way to the golden score, in which she ultimately won with a hold. The second fight also went back and forth for a long time. Shortly before the end of the fight, Emma got into a hold, which she was able to free herself from after 11 seconds, but was unable to catch up with Waza-Ari in the remaining 2 seconds. So silver / 2nd place for Emma and the ticket for the LEM.

Nina only had one opponent today in the -63kg. Nevertheless, Nina was allowed to fight three times. Nina won the first fight. In the second fight, Brückmann won from Arashi Dresden. Since it was now a draw, it was the last fight that decided everything. Nina was really getting up to steam now. She continually disturbed her opponent’s feet, brought Brückmann to the ground and won the fight with a hold. 1st place for Nina!

Finn, Emilia, Nina and Emma were able to qualify for the LEM on October 21st, 2023. Congratulations and good luck!

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