Volleyball, Italy’s Pre-Olympic ranking: victory against Ukraine, now two decisive direct clashes

Italy defeated Ukraine 3-0 and confirmed its lead in the Olympic qualifying tournament of Paris 2024. Our national men’s volleyball team stood tall against the yellow-blues and took the lead third consecutive victory after those obtained at the weekend against the Czech Republic and Qatar.

The Azzurri stand out with 3 successes (9 points), ahead of Germania (2 statements, 6 points) e Brazil (2 seals, 5 points). However, the Germans and South Americans have played one less match and tonight (01.30 am) they will give life to a hot direct clash which could change the general classification: who will keep Italy in command and who will accumulate a victory by separating them?

The head-to-head of the night will have an enormous specific weight, also because tomorrow (Wednesday 4 October, 6.30 pm) they will be the World Champions to meet the Teutonic in what could be a real crossroads in the run-up to the Games. A statement against Grozer and his teammates, who are fresh from triumphs against Cuba and Iran, could really pave the way for the boys of coach Fefé De Giorgi, even if they then have to play at the weekend against Iran, Cuba and Brazil.

We remember that the top two in Pool A will qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics. Those who are unable to celebrate through this window will have to cling to the FIVB ranking, which at the end of the preliminary phase of the 2024 Nations League will determine the last five admitted to the Games. Below is the new pre-Olympic ranking updated after Italy’s victory over Ukraine.


1. Italy 3 victories (9 points, 9 sets won and 1 lost)

2. Germany 2 wins (6 points, 6 sets won and 2 lost)*

3. Brazil 2 wins (5 points, 6 sets won and 2 lost)*

4. Cuba 2 wins (6 points, 7 sets won and 3 lost)

5. Ukraine 1 win (3 points, 3 sets won and 6 lost)

6. Iran 1 win (3 points, 4 sets won and 7 lost)

7. Czech Republic 0 wins (1 point, 3 sets won and 9 lost)

8. Qatar 0 wins (0 points, 1 set won and 9 lost)

*= 1 game less. Brazil-Germany (01.30 am).

Photo: FIVB

2023-10-03 21:40:26
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