Victor Wembanyama’s Physique and Growth Highlighted at NBA Media Day

Victor Wembanyama’s words at the NBA Media Day

There are just a few weeks left until the start of a new NBA season and, beyond the change of figures in several franchises, the atmosphere that surrounds the best basketball league in the world is eagerly awaiting the start of activity to see the native player. from France who was chosen in first place in the Draft. Victor Wembanyama, who has just shone at just 19 years old in his country’s league, was the jewel chosen by the San Antonio Spurs to return to success.

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With a height of 2.23 meters – he was measured in pre-season tests and became the second tallest basketball player in the entire league behind the experienced 34-year-old Serbian player Boban Marjanovic (2.24) – the pivot’s physique drew attention. French. Beyond the reach of his arms and long legs that mark his slender body, his light weight (95 kilos) drew attention in relation to his incredible height.

For that reason, the so-called “alien” due to his physical shape had to complete a special plan to gain muscle mass. Taking advantage of the NBA Media Day with all the franchises that will play the 2023-2024 campaign, Wembanyama confirmed that he gained weight: he grew “between 10 and 15 pounds” (5 and 7 kg) during the summer vacation, according to the media. French RMC Sports.

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“I have never been in such good physical condition in my life,” said the player chosen by Greg Popovich to lead a new era in San Antonio. Likewise, the French giant was clear in his idea of ​​maintaining his body condition and repeated in dialogue with the press: “I don’t want to gain too much weight too quickly,” he explained in relation to his development at the beginning of his career. in the NBA.

Precisely, one of those who spoke about the issue of his weight was one of his agents. “People make mistakes. We didn’t focus at all on his weight. I don’t want him to gain weight. We are going to fight so that he does not gain weight. It would be a big mistake. We focus more on strength,” Bouna Ndiaye mentioned last July when Wembanyama debuted in the Summer League of the highest basketball competition on the planet.

The French giant was chosen No. 1 in the NBA Draft (Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports)

In this context, it was the European basketball player himself who spoke about the importance for him of having contact with the Spurs legend. One of them is the Argentine Manu Ginobili, who remains close to the franchise in the development department of new players who join the team.

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“When I talk to him, I don’t even think about ‘yeah, he’s a Spurs legend, he’s been here for so long, he’s won so many championships.’ He is so natural to talk to, he always gives good advice and is still dedicated to the team,” Wembanyama highlighted about his relationship with the four-time champion and one of the most prominent figures in San Antonio history.

“We have meetings and we talk about the importance of sleeping better. It is always very natural,” Victor added about his talks with the Bahian champion of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games with the Argentine team.

The young pivot comes from generating a revolution in the Metropolitans 92 of the league in France. The NBA bought the rights to broadcast its games in the competition and when the first selection in the Lottery became official, the impact was immediate. A few minutes after being chosen by the Spurs, the NBA Store launched the pre-sale of all items related to the Frenchman and his No. 1 number.

From a jersey with sleeves, through the replica or the player version, to a ball signed by Wembanyama, all the merchandising elements were triggered by fan requests. What’s more, the sale of season tickets has become truly crazy. The website did not support so many accesses and crashed frequently, and once inside a deposit of $100 was required to choose a seat.

Manu in his speech during his introduction to the Basketball Hall of Fame (Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports)
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