Víctor Francos receives and welcomes Elisa Aguilar


The president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), Víctor
This Tuesday, Francos received Elisa Aguilar at the organization’s headquarters, unanimously elected yesterday Monday as the new president of the Federation.
Spanish Basketball (FEB).

According to the Council, the meeting began with a sincere congratulation from Víctor Francos and made it possible to make official the institutional welcome by the leader to the new head of the century-old federation.

For her part, Elisa Aguilar, who took over from Jorge Garbajosa after his appointment as president of FIBA ​​Europe, explained to Víctor Francos the projects that the organization will develop in the stage
which now begins under his presidency.

After receiving the favorable vote of 97.5 percent of the representatives of the FEB Assembly, Aguilar became the third woman to hold the presidency of a Spanish sports federation after Asunción Loriente (Rowing) and Isabel García (Salvamento
and First Aid).

2023-10-03 17:35:39
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