Trieste Prepares for Challenging Match Against Cento

Trieste Prepares for Challenging Match Against Cento

TRIESTE After the three consecutive victories which earned them the record in cohabitation with Fortitudo Bologna, today the most challenging phase of the first round of Pallacanestro Trieste begins. At 6pm it’s a two-way game for Cento against a team with mixed performances but with a quality staff who need to keep the bottom of the table at a distance. Let’s be clear, weighing the Trieste rosters, the prediction is still valid but it is one of those away matches to be treated with care and it will be essential to find that continuity throughout the match that has been missing so far. Mussini and company would not easily let any blackouts go unpunished.

THE DOUBTS Trieste starts with two question marks, Campogrande (who sprained his ankle during the home match against Nardò) and Filloy, unused in the last two tests. No official communication from the red and white side, the most in doubt should be the Roman winger while for Filloy, who has partially trained, a decision will be made at the last minute. It seems to be understood that there is no intention to force the use of players who are not at the top to avoid further complications.

HE COACHES In the pre-match analysis, coach Jamion Christian declared himself «enthusiastic about the team for how we started the year. The motto we started with was: start fast and finish stronger. Playing against Cento is an opportunity to compare ourselves and check our improvements. We are focusing a lot on the ability to be competitive and connected, especially in defense but also in attack through better choices. We scored 96 points last time, we can do it because we have talent but to beat the best our attack must continue to grow.” And while waiting to face the traditional bête noire Caja with his Effe Christian he focuses on Cento’s defence: «He is very strong in defence. He has great balance, experience and moves the ball well in attack.”

PLAN The day could begin to divide the ranking into two parts: the other leaders Fortitudo Bologna are in Nardò while Udine receives Chiusi as favourites. Direct clash in Piacenza between the locals and Cividale both at 4 points. At 6pm: Assigeco Piacenza-Gesteco Cividale, RivieraBanca Rimini-Tezenis Verona, Sella Cento-Pallacanestro Trieste, Old Wild West Udine-Umana Chiusi. 8.30pm: Hdl Nardò-Flats Service Fortitudo Bologna. 8.45pm: Unieuro Forlì-Agribertocchi Orzinuovi. Ranking: Trieste, Fortitudo 6, Verona, Udine, Forlì, Cividale, Piacenza 4, Orzinuovi, Cento 2, Rimini, Nardò, Chiusi 0. In the green group today Vigevano-Urania Milan, Turin-Treviglio (the big match of the day) , Rieti-Latina, Trapani-Cremona and tomorrow Cantù-Luiss Roma. Trapani leads alone in the standings.

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