Trieste Battles to Earn Hard-Won Victory Against Orzinuovi in Championship Opener

Trieste Battles to Earn Hard-Won Victory Against Orzinuovi in Championship Opener

TRIESTE. When presenting the championship, GM Arcieri and coach Christian had anticipated: «The important thing is to win, it will happen that you even score two dirty points in bad matches». It could have been a remote eventuality but it immediately became a reality. The first two points of the red and white championship are hard-earned, very hard-earned against an Orzinuovi team that showed up with one foreigner less.

A slow match, with terrible percentages from three for three quarters of the match, with a tense game, living in flashes. It is difficult to see a team taking a 15-1 break at home and scoring 20 points in four minutes in the same evening. Just as it is singular that a 10-starter-10 team for a time is essentially based on a single terminal, Reyes. In the end, however, what matters is winning. And this comes, with a nice finish from Brooks, the coolness of Filloy and the most convincing minutes of the evening from Ruzzier and Candussi.

Trieste starts with Ruzzier, Brooks, Deangeli, Reyes and Candussi. Nervous start, the first basket is a three-pointer from Lombard Brown. If Candussi seems to be the most excited, the one who immediately gets into the match is Reyes, 7 points in six minutes. At the halfway stage coach Christian has already rotated 9 men. Filloy, Ferrero and Campogrande are in to increase the three-point threat. However, Orzinuovi (8′ 11-14) put it at 6.75. Michi Ruzzier finally breaks the ice with the quarter almost over, with the tie at 14 in the 10th minute.

The start of the second set was of a completely different tone with Trieste having unblocked and increasing the rounds, 8-0 with Reyes already in double figures. Stefano Bossi’s championship also begins in the 12th minute, while the red and whites extend their lead (28-17). But Orzinuovi is not yet on the ropes, on the contrary. Lombard counterbreak of 10-0 (28-27) which in transition hurts more than Trieste. And the opponents persisted, hitting from the perimeter and overtaking (29-32, a very painful partial of 1-15) against a Trieste in unexpected, sensational difficulty. Faster ball circulation and greater clarity for Orzinuovi while the red and whites continue to shoot volleys of three-pointers. Basically, just when the match seemed to be going in Trieste’s favour, the light went out. The only one who really represents a danger for Zanchi’s defense is Reyes, who ends the first half with twenty points. 35-36 at the break. The paltry 16% in triples is heavy. The hope is that the DrumSquad’s drumming during the interval served to give a jolt…

The return, however, is along the lines of the previous blackout, Trieste starts out of rhythm (35-41 23′), not at all reactive, making Orzinuovi make a great impression as he builds a ten-point lead in the 25th minute (40-50) . The red and whites recover when they stop thinking and start running, with Brooks taking the lead. Three triples from the former Michigan player and Trieste is reborn. The company’s senators were also invaluable in this phase, first Ferrero and then Filloy who placed the bomb that dispelled the fear and put Christian’s team back in the lead (60-57 in the 29th minute). In four minutes the red and whites managed to score 20 points, as if a spaceship had suddenly landed on the parquet, sending the distracted brigade seen so far into the cellar.

Five minutes until the siren with Trieste +4 (68-64) and with a short quintet with Ruzzier, Brooks and Filloy together on the pitch. Orzinuovi is still there, of course. From the foul line he scores 68 with four minutes to go. Candussi makes it a three, Ruzzier catches Reyes who Zugno fouls. The Puerto Rican scores just one free throw, delivering a treasure of four points (72-68) to manage with three minutes remaining. Half-hook from “Candu”, which resurfaced at the right time as confirmed by the subsequent defensive rebound which triggered the possession capitalized by Reyes for the +8 with 126” to go (76-68).

Four points from Zugno and an attacking foul (fourth) from Candussi show that it’s not over, luckily Brown has the brilliant idea of ​​dribbling on his feet and gives away the throw-in. Fifth foul by Zugno, Ruzzier scores free throws on the line. A trick from Ruz who recovers a ball feeding Reyes for the dunk completes the party. —

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