Thomas Klepeisz: From Basketball Champion to Most Popular Player in the Bundesliga

This man is successful AND popular.

Thomas Klepeisz (32) won the title in the Easycredit Basketball Bundesliga last season. As captain with Ratiopharm Ulm, he defeated Telekom Baskets Bonn 3-1 in the final series.

Now he has to make room for another award at home: the Pascal Roller Award.

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The most popular player in the league gets it. Voted by the fans on the BBL homepage. The prize is named after Germany’s former international player Pascal Roller (46), who was awarded in 2010.

In its statement, the Basketball Bundesliga writes: “With his consistent performances and likeable appearances in front of the TV cameras, Klepeisz has earned a lot of respect from German basketball fans over the years.”

That earned him the award, which was presented to him before the first game of the season.

By the way, Ösi Klepeisz (also has a German passport) is not the first Ulm professional to be named the league’s most popular player.

Highlights Ulm – Chemnitz Ulm wins the opening game

Those: DYN MEDIA 09.30.2023

Per Günther (35) won the scooter prize five times in a row between 2012 and 2016.

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