The Trivialization of Olympic Tennis: Patrick Mouratoglou’s Perspective

The Trivialization of Olympic Tennis: Patrick Mouratoglou’s Perspective

The start of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games is approaching and the eternal debate about the value of an event like this in tennis is once again coming to the fore. Patrick Mouratoglou has offered an interesting reflection in which he points out what he believes is the reason why this event tends to be trivialized in our sport.

How important are some in the achievements of an athlete? Olympic Games? The question would seem ridiculous and offensive just by asking it in almost any discipline, but tennis maintains a special relationship with the pinnacle of world sport. And the development and emergence of the king of racket sports took place when it was not Olympic, something that did not prevent it from being considered one of the most followed sports on the entire planet. His reintegration into the Olympic movement in Seoul 1988 brought with it great emotions, but there are many who do not hesitate to reduce the relative importance it may have in the tennis record. Patrick Mouratoglou has offered a unique point of view on his social networks.

“There is no real connection between tennis and Olympic Games due to the lack of history between them. From my point of view, any tennis player considers a Grand Slam 100 times more important to him or her than an Olympic event,” the French coach stated forcefully. “In most sports, the big events for which all athletes The European and World Cups are being prepared, with the Olympic Games being the supreme goal. However, in tennis we have many important tournaments every year; not only the four Grand Slams, but also the Masters 1000 that largely determine what your ranking will be,” he declared.

Mouratoglou believes that the vast majority would prefer to win a Grand Slam rather than an Olympic gold

There is much talk about what great milestones remain to be achieved by some of the best in history, an Olympic gold being one of the few things that eludes Novak Djokovic and that Roger Federer could not win, in individual mode. Despite the media impact it has and the fact that the opportunities to win it are few in the sporting career of any tennis player, it does not seem that an Olympic gold can be equated with the importance of a Grand Slam title in the collective imagination of our sport. . “The vast majority would prefer to win a Grand Slam rather than an Olympic gold. I think it takes time for Olympic tennis to carve out its own history and increase its relevance,” said a Patrick Mouratoglou who never indifferent to anyone with his reflections.

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