The Streets Are Ours: Young People Shine in 3X3 Basketball Tournament


3X3 Basketball Tournament was organized in Trabzon within the scope of the “Streets Are Ours, Cups Are Ours” project, which was implemented by the Ministry of Youth and Sports to spread sports to all segments of society, to help young people socialize while improving their physical and mental health. 16 teams and 64 young athletes participated in the tournament organized by Trabzon Youth and Sports Directorate in Akyazı Sports Complex.

The tournament, which consisted of three main players and one substitute player and FIBA ​​3×3 rules were valid, witnessed great excitement. The street basketball tournament, where young people showed off all their talents, turned into an unforgettable experience for young basketball lovers. The teams that passed the group stages of the tournament competed in the upper round matches by elimination method. Leaving their opponents behind after tough matches, Trabzonspor A Team came first, Tedliler Team came second, Trabzonspor B Team came third, and College Team came fourth.

Evaluating the tournament, Trabzon Youth and Sports Provincial Director Ozan Çetiner said; “The tournament created intense interest and excitement among our young people playing basketball in the streets. We all know that there are many young people who are interested in sports such as football and basketball and play games in the neighborhoods and on the roads. Our young people mostly play among themselves on the streets. We carry out activities to raise awareness in sports games and to spread this, where young people of different ages and from different regions come together and meet each other. 3X3 Basketball tournament is just one of our activities. The people of Trabzon and our youth show great interest in these tournaments and all branches of sports. We also have this intense interest; “We are striving to meet each passing day both in terms of bringing modern facilities to our city and with our devoted work,” he said.

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