The Nike Ad: Celebrating the Influence of Basketball on People’s Lives

The Nike ad shows us how basketball influences the lives of many people.

If there is any sport that can overshadow football in terms of popularity, it is baloncesto. It is estimated that they are more than 400 million people those who practice this sport. A cake that brands do not want to miss, and especially, Nike.

Nike’s relationship with basketball is historic since in 1984 it signed a commercial agreement with Michael Jordan. A relationship that culminates with this advertising campaign, an ode to basketball.

«Only BasketBall» is the title of Nike ad created by the brand’s leading agency, Wieden+Kennedy. It is a tribute to the culture of basketball and how it has influenced all those who have ever played it.

The Nike advertisement shows us several situations of street confrontations, a free variant of the classic official 5 vs 5 match. And basketball is an urban sport, a channel and union between communities. When playing on the street, there is an unwritten rule of starting the duel: Say “Check.”

When the offensive person says “Check” it is their way of asking the opponent if they are ready. The defender must return the ball and it is the way of saying that you and your team are ready to play possession.

He Nike ad features numerous stars in the campaign: Lebron James against his daughter, Zhuri, the WNBA champion A’ja Wilson o Travis Scott y Devin Booker. The brand aims to continue creating positive impact in communities around the world.

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