The NFL’s Unprecedented Opportunity with Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce: Capturing a New Audience

If in itself, the NFL alone is one of the most lucrative brands in the world, now with the emergence of the superstar Taylor Swift on the scene when his relationship with the Los Angeles tight end was revealed to the world. Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelcethe league has an unbeatable opportunity to capture a new audience and they have done everything possible to do so.

After the Chiefs they beat the New York Jetsthe official account of the NFL an Instagram changed his bio and wrote ‘Chiefs are 2-0 as swifties“, making obvious reference to the fact that those of Kansas City They have won the two games they have attended as an official couple of Kelce.

The negative reaction from fans was immediate.

After this and other nods to Taylor Swiftthrough social networks, fans made their displeasure palpable that the NFL is ‘forcing’ the singer from all sides, since it is not only through the same league accounts, but also in the broadcasts of the games Swift It has a ‘personal brand’, taking on even more importance than the meetings themselves.

After the bad reaction on social networks, the NFL deleted from his Instagram account the reference to Taylor Swiftin addition to removing his cover photo on the league’s Twitter account and another reference in the biography.

The Taylor Swift effect is undeniable

The same NFL is profiting enormously from the image of Swiftsince the game Chiefs-Jets was the most watched television program in the entire United States last week, attracting 24.3 million viewers, in addition to the average ticket price for the meeting rising by 40% after it was learned that she would be present in the box , according to Forbes.

Besides, Kelce has benefited enormously, since after finding out about his relationship with the singer, sales of his sweater have skyrocketed by 400%, being in the top 5 best sellers, in addition to having gained around 383,000 followers on his account. Instagram.

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