The Impact of Continuous Ball Changes on Tennis Players’ Injuries

Dice Mardy Fish, a former tennis player, whose arm is destroyed from having played with different balls every week during his professional days. Add Vasek Pospisil, Novak Djokovic’s great ally in his new union, that the continuous ball changes “are killing” the bodies of the tennis players. Complete Carlos Alcaraz that if I had to change a rule, it would be precisely that: Spanish He wants to always play with the same ball.

I have never seen so many wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries in the locker room“, was Pospisil’s complaint a month ago in New York, where a melon was reopened, the one with the ball change, which continues to heat up as the weeks go by. The last to join were Alcaraz himself, Daniil Medvedev, Taylor Fritz and Stan Wawrinka.

“They change the balls in every tournament, or almost in every tournament, and you have to get used to it. When you arrive at a new tournament you have a feeling like what is going to happen with the ball?“said Alcaraz at the ATP 500 in Beijing, his first tournament since the US Open.

Dunlop is one of the main sponsors of the ATP, but in the end each tournament negotiates on its own with the brands which ball is used. This week in Beijing, for example, they are playing with a Head brand, while at the US Open the official ball was Wilson and at Wimbledon, Slazenger. And although the balls all meet the requirements established by the International Tennis Federation, a few grams more or less, the different wear of the hair or the type of rubber used cause variations in the game. “It’s a topic that we discuss more and more in the locker room,” Stefanos Tsitsipas said recently. To that we must add the changes in surface – hard, dirt and grass – and the different types of materials for each of them.

“ATP doctors recognize that there are more injuries”

There are more and more voices that believe that ball changes are behind the continuous injuries. “I don’t know if Pablo’s thing comes from there, but it is true that every day we notice the ball changes more. During recovery, we have seen that when we changed balls, the elbow suffered“, explains to Relevo Samuel López, Pablo Carreño’s coach, who reappeared this Monday after eight months out due to tendonitis in the elbow. “We have been doing this for a long time and “The ATP doctors themselves recognize that there are more wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries.”

In addition to Samuel López, the other key man in Pablo Carreño’s recovery has been Ángel Ruiz-Cotorro, one of the most renowned doctors in tennis. Doctor of the Spanish Federation and personal doctor of Rafael Nadal, Ruiz-Cotorro has been on the circuit for several decades and He knows first-hand the problems that arise from changing balls.

I have been warning about the ball problem for many years.“says the doctor on the phone. “Many times we are measuring the tension of the string, if we put a gram of lead on one side or the other of the racket… “We measure everything millimetrically so that it doesn’t affect the player.”

“I think that It is a problem that they are not unified. And I’m not talking about brands, I’m not going into that because I don’t think there is one ball better than another, but it has to be unified for a reason: so that when there is a change it is a change that lasts and is maintained over time,” he adds. What Ruiz-Cotorro proposes is not that it be played all year with the same ball, but that it be unified by tours. For example: that the entire European clay court tour be with the same ball.

Ball changes have been affecting us for a long time and we must find a solution. There will be people who say that it hits harder now, and it is true, but this comes from a long time ago. From a medical point of view, it would be a great advance if the balls were unified.”

Nacho Encabo is a sports editor at Relevo, a specialist in tennis and the Olympic Games. Born in Madrid, he studied Journalism and Audiovisual Communication at the Rey Juan Carlos University and began as an intern in the sports section of El Mundo in 2011. Knowing German shortly after opened the doors of the dpa agency, where he worked as a special envoy to the 2012 London Olympic Games and the 2014 Sochi Winter Games, the 2016 Euro Cup in France and the 2018 World Cup in Russia. In addition, adding Relay and the rest of his career, he has covered the four tennis Grand Slams, the Davis Cup , athletics world championships, Formula 1 Grand Prix and countless LaLiga and Champions League matches. He has also worked as a reporter at El Independiente and traveled to the Tokyo Olympics on the Spanish Olympic Committee team. …

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