The Highly Anticipated Matchups: Dillon Brooks vs. the Memphis Grizzlies

Among the most anticipated matches each season in the NBA? Those between certain players and their former franchise. Sometimes tinged with emotion, sometimes more trashtalking focused, these matches highlight an important past relationship, and this is the case for the one between Dillon Brooks and the Grizzlies.

Dillon Brooks may not remain in the history books of the Memphis franchise, but he will at least remain in those who only talk about the 2021-22 and 2022-23 seasons, that’s something.

Among the leaders of this very young Grizzlies team last season, the two-way player had worn his own before collapsing in the Playoffs against the Lakers, before collapsing under the weight of his own words, he who had caused enormously before and during the series, while LeBron James and his guys were content to play basketball. The following ? Dillon Brooks was quickly deemed undesirable, and a departure for Houston to redo his cherry, with 80 million over four years he should get by.

But if this year Dillon Brooks will have to play the guide to the Texan youth while bringing his experience and his vice, the fact remains that this divorce with the Grizzlies has stuck in his throat, and Didi the Ringworm does not is not asked to remind us yesterday on the occasion of the Media Day of its new franchise:

“I have a real grudge. These are matches that I have clearly circled on my calendar. And what’s more, we’re going to face them 4 times this season, so it’s incredible. » – Dillon Brooks on the Grizzlies

— TrashTalk (@TrashTalk_fr) October 2, 2023

It’s noted in DiBi, it’s also noted in Tennessee. The dates of the four matches between Memphis and Houston, here they are because we are the type to chew on your work:

November 23 in Houston December 14 in Houston December 16 in Memphis February 15 in Memphis

Coincidence of life, Ja Morant could return from suspension around December 15, and his first match could potentially be a match-up with Dillon Brooks. After that you will come and tell us that the NBA is not the craziest championship in the world.

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