The Former Commissioner Jose Manuel Villarejo Reveals New Details about FC Barcelona and Sandro Rosell

The former commissioner Jose Manuel Villarejo participated in a face to face with Arthur Mas in the program ‘The World in RAC1‘, con Jordi Basté along with them, in which he left several headlines and revealed several aspects still unknown. In one of them, related to FC Barcelonaspoke of the preventive detention of the former president Sandro Rosell to be later declared innocent. Villarejo said, in relation to Rosell He said that “although he is not a politician, there are three kinds of enemies in politics: the furious, the bloodthirsty and the party partner” and explained that “in the case of Mr. Rosell was The door the one who gave us the information about Sandro Rosell“.

Act of proclamation of Joan Laporta as the new President of FC Barcelona. Greetings from Laporta and Rosell


Villarejo He added in this regard that it was “people around the president, who had fired him, I seem to remember,” who leaked information about Rosell. “And there was a person that you protected a lot, a certain Martorell“, (Xavier), “who was responsible for security of the Barça and a partner in a detective firm that continues to work with the CNI,” he noted.

Regarding this aspect, the journalist Roger Saperas, in the program ‘Tu Diràs’ by RAC1 revealed that John Laporta contact with Rosell to deny that he had any involvement in the matter. According to the same information, The door sent a voice note to Sandro Rosell and made it clear to him that the statements of Villarejo They are lies and that he intends to sue the former commissioner for these defamations.

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