The First Women’s Boat Competes in Historic Regatta at Remeros del Navia Yacht Club

The first women’s boat in the history of the Remeros del Navia Yacht Club, which competed in its first regatta in this modality, managed to qualify for the women’s children’s final of the Miguelón and Manolo Rodil Memorial held in the Ría de Navia after being second in their qualifying round; Already in the final they occupied fourth place behind Castro, Castropol and Ares. The test included more than 40 boats from the Basque Country, Cantabria, Galicia and Asturias and registered victory for the Nautical Activities Club of Castro Urdiales. The results of the finals in the different categories were:

Female Fry: 1st-AN Castro, 2nd-Mugardos B and 3rd-Mugardos A

Female Children: 1st AN Castro, 2nd Castropol and 3rd Ares.

Female Cadet: 1st Kaiku A, 2nd-Portugalete and 3rd A Cabana.

Male Alevín: 1st Remros Nalón, 2nd-Mugardos, 3rd AN Castro and 4th-Castropol

Male Children: 1st-Ares, 2nd-Kaiku, 3rd-Castro

Male Cadet: 1st-AN Castro, 2nd-Mugardos, 3rd-Portugalete.

Female Veterans: 1st-Barn

Male Veterans: 1st-A Hut, 2nd-Barn.

We listened to Javier Fernández (Pdte. Club Náutico Remeros Navia), José Manuel Linera (Pdte. Federación Remo Principado de Asturias) and children’s rowers from Club Naviego.


2023-10-03 11:49:55
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