The Dallas Cowboys: The Most Valuable Franchise in the NFL

The Dallas Cowboys: The Most Valuable Franchise in the NFL

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One of the most important sports in this part of the continent, without a doubt, is American football, especially the NFL, which, along with the NBA, is one of the most popular leagues and has very powerful teams in terms of economics. One of these franchises is the Vdallas aqueroswhich is one of the most popular and according to an important site, has managed to accumulate a significant fortune in recent years and you will not believe how much it is, especially how much its franchise costs.

Los Dallas Cowboys They are a professional American football team from the United States based in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas and competing in the Eastern Division of the NFL National Conference and whose state is named after AT&T Stadium. It was created in 1960, so in 2023, the franchise is celebrating 63 years and is considered one of the most successful teams in NFL history.

The Dallas Cowboys. Source Instagram @dallascowboys

In the history of the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys They have won five Super Bowls, the last being in 1995 and since then they have not managed to reach a final, but they have won their conference on ten occasions. Like most teams, they are called franchises and belong to some owner who has a lot of money. In this case, it belongs to the Jones family, especially Charlotte whose management has contributed to being the most valuable in the NFL and the world.

According to the Forbes site, the franchise of Dallas Cowboys It is valued at 9.2 billion dollars, above the New York Giants with 7 billion dollars and in third place are the Los Angeles Rams with almost seven billion dollars. The reason why it costs so much is because of the high income throughout the season such as sponsorships and because of the stadium that is valued at 300 billion dollars with its mega screen in the stands.

This costs the Dallas Cowboys franchise. Source Instagram @dallascowboys

Other income that the Dallas CowboysAccording to the specialized site, the largest contribution is due to The Star business, which is a 91-acre campus in Frisco, Texas and is intended exclusively for the Cowboys. As for how the sports season is going, it is expected to be a good year, and they swept their first two games and according to Charlotte, if they do not win the Superbowl, it ends up being a failure.

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